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ATV suspension, functions and components
A vehicle suspension is a set of parts, components and assemblies that connect the vehicle body and the road surface. At present, absolutely all motor vehicles, including ATVs, are equipped…

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ATV suspension, functions and components
A vehicle suspension is a set of parts, components and assemblies that connect the vehicle body and the road surface. At present, absolutely all motor vehicles, including ATVs, are equipped…

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Vintage motorcycles, the history of their development
In the modern world, a motorcycle is a very popular and most optimal means of transportation. Today, there are many varieties of motorcycles designed for specific purposes. From all this…

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Test drive motorcycle Victory Magnum. Become and power

If you say the word “magnum” when you are a hunter or a military man, he will decide that this is a cartridge of increased power. And he will be right. However, there is such a Magnum, which you can communicate with without a weapons license. This is a model of a motorcycle brand Victory

What do we know about American motorcycles? At first it seems like a lot. Even a person who is not infected with Motovirus will easily call Harley-Davidson. Be sure to tell at the same time a common story that this company was created by Russian emigrants Kharlamov and Davydov. However, this, perhaps, his knowledge will end. Some will still recall (thanks to the iconic Roger Donaldson film) the Indian brand. A not-so-advanced motorcyclist may recall Buell and be very surprised that these motorcycles have not been produced for six years now. Finally, some will come to mind the monster-shaped custom Continue reading

Indian Roadmaster. Three million in two wheels

With the advent of summer, we tested the flagship model of the legendary Indian family. I must say, the motorcycle was impressive – both in appearance, and in technical solutions, and at a price …

Say right away, very little is known about Indian motorcycles in the world. And Russia is no exception. Well, at least that was until 2005, when the now-iconic Roger Donaldson movie “The Fastest Indian” starring Anthony Hopkins starred (he played the famous New Zealand motorcycle racer Bert Monroe). True, it tells about a motorcycle in 1920, which after 45 years of tuning finally managed to overcome the 200-mile bar of speed (320 km / h). Therefore, the question of whether the brand is alive right now remained unanswered. By the way, some believe that Indian is an Indian brand, and you won’t refuse logic in them … Continue reading

Motorcycle test drive

This year, Yamaha introduced the fifth generation of its flagship maxi scooter, while departing from the once-given concept of the “city lighter”. In what direction did the fantasy of Japanese engineers move this time?

The Yamaha TMAX is an iconic device. Since the advent of the first generation of this maxi scooter in 2001, each new generation has occupied the top lines of European CVT ratings. Such success is fully justified, because it was TMAX that made a real revolution in the world of large “stools”.

It differed from its competitors in a frame with high torsional stiffness, and most importantly, a pendulum rear suspension with a chain drive and a motor tightly mounted in the frame. While other manufacturers continued to use the engine crankshaft and CVT as a rear suspension arm, the innovative Continue reading

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200. He’s So Alone

The Sportster family, to which the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 belongs, is a phenomenon in the modern world. While most manufacturers are chasing fashion, updating models once every seven years, our subject has already celebrated a half-century anniversary, without losing any relevance

To say that Sportster has not changed at all since 1957 is impossible – the designers played with the shape of the wings and the tank, experimented with lighting and the shape of the steering wheel, and the engineers tried to refresh the design. Any Harley-Davidson fan will tell how in the early 2000s he mourned the rejection of carburetors and how he worried about the appearance of “rubber” frames.

Then, under the auspices of improving comfort, the engine was excluded from the power structure of the Continue reading

Moto: Muscles and Nerves

Spark, storm, madness! The new Harley-Davidson FXDR claims the title of the most severe and “muscular” motorcycle brand, and the guys from Milwaukee know a lot about brutality. What is one of the main novelties of the season remembered for?

A Power Cruiser is a motorcycle class literally created by Harley-Davidson. No nostalgia and classic motives, instead of them – clean, hypertrophied “muscles” inside and out. That was V-Rod, a motorcycle that caused controversy among fans of the brand for almost two decades in a row: is it not real or, on the contrary, the most canonical “harley” of all time? Now you don’t have to argue about him – the FXDR who succeeded him leaves no room for discussion.

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