Motocross equipment

Mini motorcycles, their types, small-sized motorcycles, mini bike or scooter
In modern times, more and more motorcycles can be found on our roads. On cars due to traffic jams it takes a very long time to get to the place.…

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The best road bikes
It's good to drive a motorcycle just for fun, but often you have to move from point A to B - to work, on business, home. The best road bikes…

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Wardrobe trunks for motorcycles, mounts, side and rear
More and more people today choose to ride a motorcycle. On this type of transport you can drive on any road, go round any traffic jams. But there is a…

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Films about motorcycles and bikers

Hundreds of films have been made about bikers and their favorite iron friends. Even the Soviet film about Electronics, beloved by many, was not without an episode where a bad guy rides a bike around the city streets. Films about motorcycles are shot in different genres. And lovers of fast and free riding can watch their favorite movie from a large list of films shot, both foreign and domestic production.

The feeling of complete freedom gives the rider a biker beating in the face of the wind. The motorcycle has great potential and is very mobile, and has become a real symbol of freedom and a special lifestyle. This type of transport is in no way inferior to a full-fledged car with its convenience and compactness. A Continue reading

What is the fastest motorcycle

More and more people are choosing a motorcycle for themselves. And they choose among a wide variety of models and the type of bikes that which suits the owner’s temperament, his occupation and, of course, based on the availability of funds. There are four main classes among motorcycles. These are classic bikes, sports, tourist and cruisers. The fastest and most popular are sports bikes.

Each manufacturer tries to surprise its fans with new models, more advanced. Moreover, they have a very high speed. The fastest motorcycles.

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The stunt on a motorcycle. Stunt riding cool motorcycle stunts

Stunt riding
It always seemed to us that we all knew about motorcycles. These are very beautiful and cool devices that provide their owner with a unique sense of freedom. It is sometimes impossible to explain this feeling with words. And it pushes the motorcyclist to exploits. And suddenly it turned out that a motorcycle could be much more than what we thought about it. The tricks that can be performed on this technique are simply admirable. So a new direction in motorsport was born – stant riding.

He appeared recently. England is considered his homeland. In this country, at the end of the last century, Harry Rothwell showed motorcycle tricks on his sports bike. This amazing counteraction to the force of gravity struck the audience watching this action. So a new kind of motorsport was born. Motorcycle stunts are performed in a variety of ways, from simple to deadly. And each time their number increases, Continue reading

Motorcycle racing, types of races and their description

Motorcycle racing appeared and became popular at a time when motorcycles just appeared. The first cars that were intended for riding appeared at the end of the nineteenth century and were not popular with the population. To prove the advantages of this technique, there was such a competition as motorcycle racing.

In France, the Automobile Club was created, which organized the very first motorcycle racing in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century. And after that, this country is considered the center of world sport in motorcycle racing. It was an automobile race of all kinds of cars along a regular road over a long distance. All kinds of motorcycles, even three- and four-wheeled, were allowed to compete. Continue reading

6 good reasons to buy an enduro

Pits, bumps, removed asphalt, sand or gravel on our roads are commonplace, which terrifies owners of choppers or sportbikes. And the endurist after the first 1000 kilometers begins to rejoice at any bump on the pavement, as a little reason to endure. One night a surprise awaited me in the form of a hole in the asphalt, which the road workers covered with gravel. I got up and slipped through a dangerous section without slowing down, but how much is everything simple in such situations on purely asphalt motorcycles? Although rarely there are pits, which are larger than a motorcycle.

2. Enduro is comfortable for driving through traffic jams

Enduro very narrow motorcycles! Even the Yamaha YBR125 is “thicker” than most endurics. Very high Continue reading

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