Motocross equipment

Wardrobe trunks for motorcycles, mounts, side and rear
More and more people today choose to ride a motorcycle. On this type of transport you can drive on any road, go round any traffic jams. But there is a…

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Films about motorcycles and bikers
Hundreds of films have been made about bikers and their favorite iron friends. Even the Soviet film about Electronics, beloved by many, was not without an episode where a bad…

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Home-made cross-country motorcycles, types, do-it-yourself tricycles
The main directions of change for homemade motorcycles Recently, many countries hold exhibitions where designers present their home-made motorcycles. At such exhibitions, the fantasy of designers is striking. That motorcycle…

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Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café Test Drive

Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café in the Japanese roadster family is located just in the middle between the liter flagship and the compact device for beginners. We found out whether the designers had to compromise when creating this motorcycle.

The Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café made its debut in Russia a year ago, and the motorcycle, which appeared in our magazine almost earlier than at dealers, was warmly received. Therefore, it is not surprising that now Honda is launching on the Russian market two of its “brothers” in the neoclassical family: the compact CB300R and the medium-sized CB650R. The latter as the most interesting representative of the class is now on our test.

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How the owner’s passion for motorcycle racing brought the film company to a new level

Buying my first sports bike some five years ago, I could not imagine that I would play in the World Superbike World Championships. Moreover, I will become a pilot of the first Russian professional team.

At first I watched the races in the MotoGP and WSBK classes on TV, I really liked the beautiful bright motorcycles, and the stands clogged with public, and adrenaline. Soon I wanted to join this sport myself. I got a license, bought a Honda CBR-600RR sports bike and drove into town; I almost immediately realized that I risk my health and life every second – sports motorcycles are not designed to drive around the city. Then I decided to practice at the training ground in Dmitrov. There are no departure zones allowing the rider to slide along gravel when falling. Instead, some cliffs, one of which I immediately flew Continue reading

DIY cross bike

Many people dream of a cross motorcycle, because it gives people unprecedented freedom of movement. Unlike most sportbikes and urban models, such a motorcycle is able to move quickly enough outside of good roads, without threatening its owner with a fall and injuries. At the same time, the cross bike is much easier to manage than the enduro and other heavy types of equipment, also adapted for off-road driving. However, many simply can not afford a high-quality motorcycle, because cheap models of real sports SUVs with two wheels are practically not found on the Russian market. Therefore, you should learn how to make a cross bike with your own hands – this will help to save a lot of money and adapt the resulting equipment to your needs. Continue reading

Off-road motorcycle

Not all motorcyclists purchase two-wheeled vehicles in order to ride on good roads – many are attracted to off-road tracks and forest clearings, which are ideal for outdoor activities on a weekend. In addition, motorcycles are purchased for long trips, in which it is not always necessary to ride solely on asphalt. Therefore, many people are interested in how to choose a good off-road motorcycle. It should have balanced power and mass indicators, and also have good geometric cross-country ability. In this article we will consider the best models of off-road motorcycles.

On off-road motorcycle

Honda Transalp 650
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Police motorcycles

The history of the use of motorcycles by police has more than a hundred years. The first police motorcycle was purchased for the needs of the New York Police Department back in 1907, and two-wheeled vehicles began to be used in California since 1911 as the official motorcycle patrol. Since then, motorcycle technology has more than once proved its advantages in the fight against crime in general and, as an option, is widely used for rapid response to traffic accidents.

Motorcycle traffic police officers

In addition to efficiency, maneuverability and compactness are also undoubted advantages in the use of these two-wheeled vehicles by the police. And lower fuel consumption compared to cars will also save. The only drawback of such patrols in Russia is the seasonality of use. You can’t drive a motorcycle in the cold. Although in countries with hot climates the possibility of using such technology remains year-round. Continue reading

Wardrobe trunks for motorcycles, mounts, side and rear
More and more people today choose to ride a motorcycle. On this type of transport you can drive on any road, go round any traffic jams. But there is a…


Motorcycle shock absorbers
While driving on any surface, any vehicle, including a motorcycle, takes a variety of loads. Particularly unpleasant are the loads that are transmitted from the road through the wheels. In…


Motorcycle racing, types of races and their description
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Motorcycle DVR - The Right Choice
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