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The stunt on a motorcycle. Stunt riding cool motorcycle stunts

Stunt riding
It always seemed to us that we all knew about motorcycles. These are very beautiful and cool devices that provide their owner with a unique sense of freedom. It is sometimes impossible to explain this feeling with words. And it pushes the motorcyclist to exploits. And suddenly it turned out that a motorcycle could be much more than what we thought about it. The tricks that can be performed on this technique are simply admirable. So a new direction in motorsport was born – stant riding.

He appeared recently. England is considered his homeland. In this country, at the end of the last century, Harry Rothwell showed motorcycle tricks on his sports bike. This amazing counteraction to the force of gravity struck the audience watching this action. So a new kind of motorsport was born. Motorcycle stunts are performed in a variety of ways, from simple to deadly. And each time their number increases, and the implementation is complicated. The basis of most of them are two ways. The motorcyclist rides on the front wheel of the bike, and this method is called “stop”. And when he rides on the rear wheel, this is a way of “willy”. They play the role of a bunch when performing a cascade of tricks.

The program, during which motor tricks are performed, is animated by the “annealing” of rubber, various turns, and other tricks. When performing tricks, the biker constantly changes his position: sitting on it back to front, lying down or in a hanging position. He makes any movements that only come to his head. Making turns when the rider is slow is aerobatics.

A separate topic in stunt riding is jumping, which pilots perform through people, all kinds of obstacles and mechanisms. In this direction, the execution of these jumps is considered more important. The names of each of these jumps speak for themselves. “Complete Detachment”, “Kiss of Death”, and other equally fascinating tricks.

1997 year. This year the European Championship in this sport was held. He was the first. Participation in the competition requires the fulfillment of certain requirements. You can use a motorcycle, the engine capacity of which should not be more than 550 cubic centimeters. Pilots show their free program for three minutes. Those who have reached the finals should already show a program that takes eight minutes. The skill of the judges is evaluated by several criteria. How many elements and what quality the pilot performed. They evaluate the speed of their implementation, and entertainment. If completely new elements are added, the participant adds extra points.

Motorcycle Tricks
Single Wheel Motorbike

People watch stunt riding for hours, it’s so exciting and entertaining. The simplest of the tricks performed is considered to be a willy, but it also requires constant training. Experienced bikers believe that this trick is easier to perform on a bike than on a bike.

An untrained person can not perform these spectacular maneuvers. Participation in stunt riding requires qualified training at special sites under the supervision of experienced instructors. Motocrossing stood out in two main directions. This is stunt riding and also still a young freestyle.

Watching stunts on motorcycles is possible not only at competitions. A lot of them are shown in films and in Internet clips. Translated from English, stunt riding translates as stunt riding. And not only professional motorcyclists are engaged in this exciting and dangerous sport. Many motorbike enthusiasts and aggressive riders try to make them while riding their bikes.

Consider what types of basic tricks are used in this type of motorcycle sport.

Rear Wheel Motorbike
Willy’s trick is the name for riding a motorcycle on its rear wheel. This is the most basic element. There are several ways this trick is performed. Firstly, it depends on traffic conditions. secondly, from the position of the biker. He takes his legs off the steps, sits in the saddle, stands on two or one leg and other poses. The basic level is the movement in the forward direction when the pilot is sitting or standing on the motorcycle. The speed is stable. A more advanced way is when a complex trajectory is selected and the position of the pilot’s body changes.

Stoppie on a motorcycle
This is the name of the element, when during braking the pilot also rides on one wheel, but already the front one. There are also several ways to perform this trick.

So called “burning rubber.” A motorcyclist keeps his bike stationary, but can perform this trick while driving. the rear wheel of a motorcycle is forced to slip for a very long time. The smoke effect is important here. To do this, the throttle handle is unscrewed and the front brake is depressed at the same time, and the clutch lever starts abruptly. The implementation of this element will require a good physical preparation from the pilot. Tricks on a motorcycle video are often performed along with this element, since it is very spectacular.

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