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Scooter wheels

When moving on a vehicle, special attention is paid to the safety of absolutely all road users. It is possible to achieve maximum safety during time only with an integrated approach, which includes knowledge and observance of traffic rules, as well as complete serviceability of absolutely all components and mechanisms of the vehicle.

Wheel Functions
The wheels of a vehicle play a very important role in safe driving, especially when it comes to any two-wheeled mechanical vehicles, in particular scooters. After all, an erased tire tread, a deviation of tire pressure indicators from the norm, as well as any other more serious malfunctions, can lead to serious consequences that sometimes cost human life. Therefore, the wheels should be given no less close attention than all other components and assemblies of the scooter.

Motorcycle tires

Scooter wheels should perform the following functions:

providing good adhesion between the vehicle and the road surface;
dampen bumps and vibrations while riding;
to carry out a full transmission of traction and braking forces that are created by a scooter.
When it comes to wheels, it means absolutely all of their components and characteristics – tires, wheels, size, variety, material of manufacture, etc.

First of all, I want to say about tires, on which many scooters, especially beginners, often try to save. In this regard, used tires are purchased, which can turn into troubles that arose on the road. It is worth noting once again that good tires are one of the fundamental aspects of safe driving.

The tire provides a level of ride comfort as well as maneuverability of the scooter. Thus, used tires can cause accidents, which will entail much higher costs than the purchase of initially new tires. In appearance, used tires can be ideal, however, this is not a sign of its integrity and quality, since with the naked eye you can easily not notice minor damage, deformation of the cord, microcracks in the rubber, which violate the tightness of the product.

All this can lead to unforeseen rupture of the tire while driving, which entails negative consequences. Thus, real savings when buying tires can be obtained on the brand. After all, the more famous the company that produces tires, they have a great value.

How to choose a scooter wheel
When choosing tires for a scooter, you should pay attention to:

Tire Shelf Life. Oddly enough it sounds, but the tire is suitable for its safe use for 4-5 years, after this period the rubber begins to tan, gradually losing its elasticity. Accordingly, if the tire was made relatively recently, then it will last much longer.
For marking. Depending on what time of year the scooter will be operated, appropriate rubber should be purchased. As a rule, the reference is the average daily temperature, when it drops below a certain level, you should choose a different type of rubber.
To the frequency of the groove network. The grooves are used to drain water from the grip spot on the road surface, which ensures safe movement during rain.
Tire classification
There is also a classification of tires into classes and design. Regarding the latter, the tires can be chamber or tubeless. Each class has its pros and cons. According to experienced scooters, tubeless tires are better and more reliable, since during a puncture, which happens unexpectedly and is dangerous at high speeds, they are able to hold air for some time, which allows you to get to the service station to replace a damaged wheel. However, tubeless tires require special discs that require additional waste.

In a word, tire replacement is the most common and common reason that requires the removal of a wheel on a scooter. By and large, there is nothing complicated in this process if you have at hand the necessary tool, a little perseverance and patience, and also know about the sequence of actions that need to be performed.

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