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The best choice of tires

Most specialized sites talk about how to choose tuning accessories, shock absorbers, brakes and motorcycle oils, but relatively little attention is paid to tires. This approach is very unfair – after all, motor tires need to be selected much more carefully than automobile ones. This is due to the fact that the motorcycle usually moves at a higher speed, and is not so stable on its two wheels. Therefore, not only the comfort and handling of two-wheeled vehicles, but also the safety of people depends on the proper selection of tires for the new motorcycle season. Consider which models are better to give preference.

The choice of tires will depend on many factors.

To eliminate disagreements regarding tire size, which greatly affects the cost of such products, we bring all test participants to a common denominator. The optimal set will be that consists of a front wheel 120/70 R17, as well as a rear 180/55 R17. Such tires are suitable for many popular motorbikes in our country, such as sport bikes, tourist-class two-wheeled vehicles, and even some city bikes. Tires for motorcycles are subjected to fairly high loads, therefore, in addition to handling and other parameters, we will pay attention to their endurance and ability to work effectively in non-standard situations.

Unconditional Leader
Number one in such a comparison is the products of the eminent French company, which showed the best results in any field of comparison. Michelin Pilot Road 3 motorcycle tires are a good compromise between racing and road technology – they behave confidently both on a suburban highway and on a specialized track. The main advantage of French tires is the ability to maintain motorcycle stability in all circumstances. Driving through a puddle, falling into a hole filled with dust or colliding with a network of cracks on the asphalt, you will not feel anything but a slight jolt or a small vibration. The steering wheel remains unshakable, which allows you to keep a straight path.

Michelin Pilot Road 3

A special tread pattern allows you to divert most of the water even with prolonged driving in the rain. Similar motorcycle tires are not afraid of aquaplaning, which is typical for many racing wheels. Another advantage is the ability to maintain its shape regardless of speed – the reinforced sidewalls prevent the tires from wrinkling even when they reach 200–250 km / h. The alternation of sections with different rubber densities makes it possible to maintain a large contact spot area even at a considerable speed, which allows us to talk about tires such as racing tires.

Michelin Pilot Road 3 motorcycle tires are ideal for fast driving in all weather conditions. In addition, thanks to the rigid frame, they are able to withstand quite strong blows that occur when driving on bad roads. There are no obvious flaws in these tires. The cost of a kit for a motorcycle is approximately 18-19 thousand rubles.

Second place
If you want to choose the perfect tire for driving around the modern city, you should opt for the Dunlop Roadsmart. Their advantage over the option considered above is the lack of uncompromising stiffness, which negatively affects driver comfort. When driving through various irregularities, the motorcycle does not shudder from strong shocks and does not try to leave the chosen path. The tires do not have an acute reaction even when driving through puddles or dust pits – they provide absolute safety and confidence in retaining control under any circumstances.

Dunlop roadsmart

But it feels like such tires can not take first place in comparison – with an increase in speed, it does not allow you to get the same confidence in the perfect cornering. Tires are held almost to the last, but with a strong tilt of the motorcycle, the impression of a quick exit from the trajectory, which scares the driver. In addition, the lack of a very rigid frame, characteristic of racing and combination tires, makes it clear that the contact patch is lost at high speed. The result is trembling on the steering wheel, and even loss of control when driving areas covered with dust or water at high speed.

However, in the city and when driving at a moderate speed along suburban highways, serious problems can be avoided, and the tires behave simply perfectly. Of course, the lack of a rigid frame prevents them from withstanding very strong blows, but the wheels easily withstand even riding with a passenger of a solid build. The cost of a set of tires is comparable to the option considered above and is approximately 17-18 thousand rubles.

A budget option
If you are looking for tires for motorcycles that will save you a lot of money, choose the Bridgestone BT-023GT. You can buy them for less than 14 thousand rubles, which makes them one of the most affordable among high-quality products.

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