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Car or motorcycle

Before someone who is going to leave for the first time as a driver, not a passenger, the question often arises: what kind of vehicle to buy? Choosing between automotive and two-wheeled vehicles, consider which is more practical, more powerful, more convenient? Finally, which is faster: a motorcycle or a car? Of course, the ideal option when in the garage and cars, and a motorcycle. Nevertheless, we consider the advantages of each type of transport.

Motorcycle and car

The advantages of two-wheeled transport
Time saving
You do not have to wait 2-3 hours in line in traffic on crowded roads.

Fuel economy
The fuel consumption of bikes is much less than that of a car. For motorbikes, it averages 2–4 liters, for cars – 7–10.


High speed, headwind, engine roar, flickering landscapes, city lights – all this, of course, attracts adrenaline lovers, and motorcycle racing, in general, gives drive.

The external, sometimes exclusive motorcycle design, beautiful, original motorcycle jackets, various paraphernalia help to create a romantic image of a lover of freedom, adventure or a formidable biker seeking adrenaline.

Disadvantages of a motorcycle compared to a car
Autumn rain, snowstorms – in such weather it is not particularly pleasant to ride a bike.

If you want to buy a motorcycle for traveling long distances, equipped specifically for this, then sometimes middle-class bikes are more expensive than a car.

Motorcycles are less safe, often get into accidents due to high speeds, inadequate driving skills, and frivolous drivers to comply with traffic rules.

Motorbike ride

Injuries, low protection of the driver and passengers during an accident can also be attributed here. Even a small mistake in control can lead to a serious fall and, consequently, to significant injuries.

Need for repair
More often needed repairs than cars. The fasteners unwind from vibration, parts that are open to air currents, moisture, shock, become dirty, damaged.

The sphere of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles is less developed than automobile transport; repairing bikes is much more complicated and more expensive.

The need for a garage
An unattended motorcycle is more often hijacked. Yes, and getting wet in the rain is undesirable.

Even in hot weather, the driver is greatly blown by the wind when driving, therefore, appropriate equipment is needed, warm, softening the blows when falling. Of course, you need a helmet, in the absence of which you will be fined.

Lack of trunk
There is little space for things, luggage, additional components are required.

Advantages of the car compared to motorcycles
Comfortable seats, a roof and a body that protect from the weather, a stove in cold weather are the undoubted advantages of the car in terms of comfort and convenience.


Family trips
A car is a transport for the whole family, you can even ride on it with small children, provided, of course, there is a special seat.

Company trips
To travel with a company, instead of two or three motorcycles, you will need one car (depending on the seats), and you can take a lot of things with you.

The presence of the trunk and load capacity
You can take the necessary things on a trip, transport small loads, make trips to shops.

Lower accident rate
According to statistics, cars are less likely to get into accidents due to the fault of the driver – almost one and a half times. There is also less trauma in road accidents.

Of course, a cool bike draws attention to the driver, but such are expensive, but in the middle class of technology the car is still considered more prestigious.

Car trip

Cons of vehicles:
expensive maintenance;
a large amount of gasoline is required;
harder to maneuver.
It is safe to say that a new foreign-made car will be much better than a grandfather motorcycle. And vice versa, everyone understands what is better: a modern sophisticated bike or a well-worn one, a rusty car. So, if you prefer to travel in company or with family, comfort and convenience are important to you, then buy a car. If you save money, love speed, look for adrenaline, and like to ride alone, then your choice is a motorcycle.

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