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Best japanese motorcycles

Have you ever wondered why motorcycles from Japan are the most popular in the world? The bike catalog is huge, it makes it possible to choose a Japanese motorcycle to your liking, pick up the necessary characteristics, components.

Four major motorcycle companies have become widely known not only in the country of high technology, but in the world: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki.

This oldest concern is No. 1 in the global motor market. There are special racing models for professionals, elegant enduro for travelers, choppers … The variety of models does not prevent the company from preserving the properties of each. Demand for motorcycles of this manufacturer is constantly large. Motorcyclists choose them for ergonomics, technology excellence, beautiful design.

From the history
The first Japanese motorcycle was created by Soichiro Honda in 1946. It was a bicycle with a built-in electric motor of 50 cubic meters. Motobike Dream with an engine of 98 cubes came out two years later. In the 60s, motorcycles were already actively produced. At the same time, the company enters the car market, producing fuel-efficient cars.

The head office is in Tokyo.

The best latest Honda models
Technically sophisticated, lightweight, fast, easy to drive, affordable, reliable motorcycles – these are Honda.

Crosstourer is a new modification presented at the 2011 EICMA exposition.
Honda Crosstourer
GL1800 Gold Wing is a touring motobike, popular in many countries.
Honda GL1800 Gold Wing
The CBR1000RR Fireblade is a classic-style motorbike with a 20-year history and modernization.
Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Following Honda on the market, Yamaha Corporation began to be equal to the leader. Models are improved annually. The bikes of this manufacturer are distinguished by a combination of the lightest weight and high power.

From the history
In 1987, Thorakusu Yamaha received an order to repair a reed organ. He liked this work, a decision was made to start his own business for the production of musical instruments.

For several years, the company has accumulated impressive experience in the world of metallurgical technologies, this has allowed to start the production of bikes. The first motorcycle – YA-1 – was launched in 1950, and in the first year the company manufactured 125 motorcycles. By 1955, sales success was visible, and a separate motorcycle division, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., was created. Gradually, Yamaha motorcycles went global.

The best Yamaha models
Among the best models of the Yamaha concern are called YZF-R1, YBR 125, R6. Yamaha motorcycles are interesting for both beginners and professional motorcyclists: athletes and travelers. Universal road, sophisticated choppers, sports, cross bikes are produced. The advantages of this brand:

light weight;
simple operation;
conciseness of design.
The YBR 125 is a small engine bike with a low-cost, high-quality Yamaha product. Equipped with an electric starter, wheels are made of light alloy, front disc-type brakes, a saddle for two riders.
Yamaha YBR 125
YZF-R1 is a 4-cylinder engine, which has improved cylinder heads with 5 valves, an aluminum frame, front and rear suspensions are adjustable.
Yamaha YZF-R1
YZF-R6 – the most high-tech model of the company, with a huge amount of electronics, which performs all the control functions. The motorcycle is very convenient, comfortable, ergonomic.
Yamaha YZF-R6
This company primarily produces racing motorcycles that develop crazy speed. The Ninja series is popular among racing bullies as the ultimate sports car, reliable and easy to drive in Japanese. Headquarters are located in Kobe and Tokyo.

From the history
The activities of the largest corporation began in 1896, when Shozo Kawasaki started the shipbuilding business. Also produced trains, planes, tractors, helicopters, trucks, industrial robots and, finally, motor equipment. The first experimental engine was launched by the motorcycle concern in 1950, and in 1958 a full-fledged motorcycle was introduced – Kawasaki 125ВВ. The first Japanese submarine left the Kawasaki concern. Today, the company creates products from manufacturing equipment to aircraft. Kawasaki motorcycle manufacturers are still better known for sports bikes, SUVs, ATVs.

The best Kawasaki models
Kawasaki motorcycles are preferred by many sports enthusiasts, motorbikes.

Kawasaki Brand Features:

exclusive design;
unusual style;
high power;
moderate cost;
the ability to travel with a passenger;
a feeling of confidence on the tracks.
The Kawasaki ZXR400 is a powerful 400 cm³ motorbike, while maintaining maximum speed it reaches high speeds.
Kawasaki ZXR400
Kawasaki ZX12R Ninja is an advanced development with a powerful engine that accelerates the motobike to incredible speeds of 310 km / h.
Kawasaki ZX12R Ninja
Kawasaki ZZR 400 is a popular model, stylish, with high quality finishes. The motorcycle class “sport-tourist” has a comfortable fit.

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