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Which is better: motorcycle or scooter

Novice motorcyclists often ask, which is better: a motorcycle or a scooter? What is more convenient to learn to drive, what to buy first, while there are still no good skills in driving a motor vehicle? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of these species.

Scooter and motorcycle

From the history of motor vehicles
The first production motorcycle appeared in 1901. The creators were the Werners brothers, who successfully patented their invention first, although there have been attempts to do this before (bikes with steam, gasoline engines by Pierre Michaud, Wilhelm Maybach, Gottlieb Daimler and others). It was a Werner motorcycle a floppy heavy machine, which, however, became quite popular with couriers and postmen. The gasoline 4-stroke engine, located between the wheels, was a power of 0.75 liters. sec., transport developed a speed of approximately 35 km / h. Later, electric ignition was added. The Werner model proved to be popular; 3,500 cars were sold in the first year. And motorcycles are firmly entrenched in different segments.

A modification of a motorcycle – a scooter, later called a scooter – was created at the beginning of the 20th century in Italy by Piaggio to move across vast territories of industrial enterprises so that employees do not spend many hours moving between workshops. Transport was not intended for public roads, so it had a different landing, small wheels, and a low-power engine. Scooters spread among the townspeople, especially in megacities.

A motorcycle and a scooter are different types of transport, while driving on them various categories in a driver’s license are assumed. Moreover, they are similar in design, both two-wheeled, have the same weight and almost the same cost, which sometimes confuses those who are just starting to enter the world of motorcycle technology. There are models that are approximately the same in size and weight. So what to choose a newbie? We observe the advantages and disadvantages of these species.

Technical characteristics, design features
Scooters are usually smaller in size, weight. Compare: the weight of a motorbike reaches 200 kg, and a Fortune YHXTE scooter with dimensions of 1665 × 610 × 1050 weighs 70 kg.

Scooter wheels are installed in sizes of 8-15 inches, much smaller than that of bikes.

The motorcycle engine is located between the wheels, supplying power through the driveshaft or chain to the rear wheel. At the scooter, the engine is close to the rear wheel, transmitting power directly, without additional lines. In addition, the engine is located lower, adding stability to the transport.

The appearance of the scooter

There is a difference in fuel consumption: a scooter consumes 2 l / 100 km (Fortune YH50QT-16), a bike needs 10 liters to the same distance.

Motorcycle gears are controlled by pressing the left lever with the hand, the pedal with the left foot. At the scooter, the gearbox is automatic, controlled by a lever on the right handle.

The bike is braked through the right foot pedal for the rear wheel, and through the lever on the right handle for the front. Scooter brakes are controlled by levers located on the steering wheel – for both wheels when pressed with two hands.

Landing on a scooter is convenient for the driver, straight, legs are placed on the platform in front of you, under the protection of the body from dirt, water. The motorcyclist places his legs on the sides of the seat, taking them back, leaning forward with the body.

Knots, scooter parts are hidden by plastic sheathing.

Motorcycle Appearance

The license plate number is not installed on the scooter, the equipment is not registered in the traffic police when the engine capacity is below 50 cubic meters.

Scooters are equipped with a capacious luggage compartment located under the lockable seat.

Pros and cons of technology
Let us now consider separately what opportunities scooters and motorcycles provide, how they differ, especially for beginners to master this technique.

Advantages, advantages:

Automatic transmission;
lack of grip is convenient when driving in traffic jams;
when landing, you do not need to throw your leg through the body;
convenient for any height of the driver;
protects the driver’s feet from rain, tree branches, grass;
protects the driver and passenger better in cold weather thanks to the large front shield;
compactness, solid plastic construction reduces brittleness when dropped;
low speeds increase safety;
It’s easy to choose a parking place;
profitability due to small cubic capacity;
optional maintenance, insurance;
there is a platform for the transport of goods;
the ability to ride in any clothes;
convenient seat for the passenger;
A large trunk that allows you to take everything you need is the main advantage of this technique.
Riding a scooter

Disadvantages in comparison with a motorcycle:

small wheels reacting to rough roads;
not recommended on the roads;
problem maintenance, repair due to the need to remove a lot of parts;
the driver does not hold his legs and does not regulate their transport;
impacts of the rear wheel are given painfully to the spine of the driver;
poor handling due to short-stroke suspension;
limited speed options.

Which is better: motorcycle or scooter
Novice motorcyclists often ask, which is better: a motorcycle or a scooter? What is more convenient to learn to drive, what to buy first, while there are still no good…


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