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Which chopper to choose?

Choppers are heavy overall motor vehicles with a variety of chrome components. Beginners often find it difficult to find a wide assortment of various motor vehicles, they can’t decide which chopper to choose, so it’s worth considering the features of some models.

Signs of an ordinary chopper:

chrome parts in large quantities;
step saddle;
wardrobe trunks on the sides;
soft suspension;
gas tank in the form of a drop;
forward steps;
narrow front wheel of large diameter;
rear wheel of a smaller diameter, wide.
Chopper Appearance

Such motorcycles are acquired by lovers of comfortable riding on the tracks in the country. In a metropolis, bikes of this type are cramped due to the large size.

Characteristics to consider when choosing a chopper
What to consider for a beginner motorcyclist when choosing his first bike? Consider a motorcycle at once with several parameters like quality, reliability, manufacturability and others.

Classic models are produced by Harley Davidson, an American motorcycle company, a leader and trendsetter in the chopper segment. Japanese manufacturers Yamaha, Honda and others compete with it. Motor companies of the Land of the Rising Sun pay attention to the latest technologies, so their products are reliable, durable, safe.

Of course, it is better to choose a well-known manufacturer that has established itself in this market segment.

Engine displacement
Choppers in terms of efficiency are very profitable, also attractive in cost. Often, models with a large engine capacity of 750–1100 cubic meters are selected.

The cheapest and most economical low-capacity motorcycles, for beginners this is the best option. If your financial capabilities are small, it is recommended to purchase a motorcycle class of 400 cubic meters.

Please note: the more powerful the chopper, the larger its dimensions and, accordingly, its weight.

engine’s type
The most popular V-shaped liquid-cooled 2-cylinder engines with two overhead camshafts. For driving the rear wheel, the best option is a cardan. Belt and chain drives are less preferred.

Used chopper inspection
Choppers in the market are usually in high demand. How to choose a good moto that will not make you immediately spend big money on its restoration? When buying, be sure to check the condition of the motorcycle, especially if you purchase used motorcycles:

gear quality;
oil condition;
chain wear;
compression (should be 0.8–1 MPa);
lack of rust on the gas tank;
lack of corrosion on the plug;
conduct a test drive: accelerate the chopper to 100 km / h to check the power system – the engine should work without interruptions, if you hear them – the system is dirty;
check the wear of the bearings, for this you need to hang out the rear wheel, then swing the pendulum to the sides – there should be no knock.
Optimal models for beginners
The chopper with a 400 cc air-cooled V-engine, cardan and 2 carburetors is very simple in design, due to its light weight it is easily controllable. A low center of gravity, a relatively narrow rear wheel, and a short wheelbase contribute to this. A backup tank under the saddle helps to reduce the center of gravity.

Yamaha virago

XVS 400 Drag Star
A large 400 cc chopper recommended for tall motorcyclists. Classic accessories: V-twin, cardan drive, air cooling, 2 carburetors. There is a classic version and custom.

Yamaha XVS 400 Drag Star

A single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the bike is flexible and light in weight. 400 cc model on a chain drive, 600 cc on a belt drive.

Suzuki savage

VS400 Intruder
Another popular model of the Japanese manufacturer is Suzuki. The model combines good specifications with an inexpensive price. Cardan drive, carburetor power, M-shaped liquid-cooled two are the components of this frisky, dynamic bike. A distinctive feature is the high center of gravity for this species.

Suzuki VS400 Intruder

Honda’s legendary motorcycle is phenomenally reliable in combination with an affordable price. Engine 2-cylinder, liquid cooling, chain drive. The 400-cc version has a 5-speed gearbox and the 600-cc version has a 4-speed gearbox. Advantages of the bike – excellent handling, light weight.

Honda steed

Rebel CMX 250
Lightweight, modest chopper in size, medium power, but highly reliable. A great option for a female driver.

Honda Rebel CMX 250

Shadow 400
By technical characteristics, the motorcycle is close to the Steed model. Equipped with liquid engine cooling, carburetor system, chain. Highly reliable option for beginners and not only.

Honda Shadow 400

VN 400 Vulcan
A 400-millimeter Japanese motorcycle will be a good friend to a novice biker. Feature – large size, suitable for tall owners.

Kawasaki VN 400 Vulcan

ZL 400 Eliminator
Hybrid sportbike and chopper with in-line 4-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, chain drive. 50 l from. puts forward a powerful “Eliminator” in the leaders in the class of 400 cubes.

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