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Which cross-country motorcycle is better to buy?

Motocross is a sport for fans of extreme sports, it makes it possible to show the racing qualities of a motorcycle, the ability to overcome sharp turns, obstacles, jumps. To participate in the race you will need a special motorcycle – a cross. This is not an ordinary city, but a special one, adapted specifically for competitions. It is designed for jumping and off-road. The cross moto has no headlights, direction indicators, speedometer, license plates. But the strongest, most reliable suspension. If you don’t know which cross bike is better, our recommendations may help you decide. When participating in races, you must meet the requirements for weight, size, technical characteristics. You do not need rights to buy cross moto equipment, it is not registered anywhere. When choosing a motorcycle you need to consider such characteristics as:

engine features;

Motorcycle manufacturers
When buying a motorcycle, ask where it is made. The cheapest does not guarantee you safety. Remember that your life depends on quality, so do not take risks, do not save on it, buying scrap metal instead of an excellent bike.

It is better to buy motorcycles of well-known brands that are reliable and have proven themselves in the market and during competitions. The most famous companies from year to year remain Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, constantly leading the rating of cross-country motorcycles.

Japanese Yamaha motorcycles are characterized by a beautiful modern design, they have a powerful engine that can withstand heavy loads. The company’s specialists are constantly improving products, mixing power with excellent suspension, and these bikes are constantly leading in the number of sales. This moto moves well off-road.

Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250 with an engine displacement of 249 cm³ develops high speeds.


high quality assembly;
Suitable for beginners and professionals.
If you need to choose a children’s motorcycle, then pay attention to this brand, which produces motorcycles for children 9-13 years old. Models are similar to adult bikes, only in miniature. Moreover, in terms of power, design, technical data they are not inferior to adult bikes.


Motocross is a rather dangerous sport, not every parent will allow his child. However, it contributes to the development of physical endurance, courage, a good reaction, teaches you to independently maintain a motorcycle, to understand the details. KTM kids motorcycles are undoubtedly the perfect choice for this.

Of course, the more serious, adult bikes of this manufacturer are also of high quality. Great motorcycle, suitable for beginners and professionals.

Suzuki motorcycles are distinguished by a huge number of modifications, a striking design. The two-stroke RM250 is more economical than the Yamaha YZ250, it is easy to find parts for it.

Suzuki RM-Z250

Honda bikes have, as they say, “aggressiveness”, they have high torque, due to which the motorcycle gently rotates, accelerates easily and quickly. CRF250R is a good choice for customers who are heavy in weight. Ease of management is the main advantage of the brand.

Honda CRF250

Russian motorcycles
In the USSR, motocross was a popular sport, massive, quite successful. Accordingly, fairly good cross-country bikes based on Java were produced, which have established themselves in international competitions.

2- and 4-stroke motorcycles
An important factor when choosing a cross-country motorcycle is the timing of its engine. Prior to the 85 cm3 class, there is no question of clock cycle; all models are push-pull. It is on such motorcycles that children begin to engage – 2-stroke motorcycle equipment helps to acquire initial skills. But for adults, this indicator is of great importance.

2-stroke cross-country motorcycles
The best choice for beginner riders. For classes with a trainer, 2T 125 cm³ is preferable, which will help you learn how to manage a bike. Power is enough only at high speeds, so you have to learn how to maintain them.

2-stroke cross-country motorcycle

And 2-stroke engines work on gasoline mixed in the right proportion with oil, so they are simple in design and cheap. They have fewer parts, which simplifies repair.


An excellent motorcycle for beginners, aimed at future competitions, helps to acquire the necessary skills.
A small number of parts, ease of repair.
Economical, little susceptible to wear.
Inexpensive spare parts, service.
Possible quick engine overhaul in the field.
Unpretentiousness in operation.
High maximum speeds allow you to accelerate for a long time in one gear.
Lighter weight (10-15 kg compared to 4T depending on the brand).
A beautiful sound that provokes high-speed driving.
Show excellent results on soft ground, sand.

Narrow working range in terms of gears. I have to do frequent switching.
The engine is sensitive to weather changes, the carburetor requires a careful selection of jets.
Time spent preparing for races.
4-stroke cross-country motorcycles

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