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Best Touring Motorcycles

Motobike trips are not only possible, but also wonderful, especially when you have a tourist bike, convenient, comfortable, fast. Touring motorcycles have taken a lot from automotive technology and differ from other bikes in their equipment:

Tourist enduro cope with different roads, with bumps, ruts, pits. Thanks to all the devices, tourist bikes are well applicable for city trips. Well-known manufacturers produce beautiful models, the best of which we present to you. Of course, these are not the cheapest models, but they will help you get the most out of your trip. We hope our top 10 helps you decide which bike to choose.

Top 10 best touring motorcycles
10. Triumph
Trophy is the latest model of a tourist moto, equipped with a wonderful 3-cylinder engine of 1215 cubic meters, an impressive electronics complex, which includes an electronic suspension control system, traction control, cruise control. Pleasant additions were 12-volt sockets, heated windshield, headlight control system.

The tourist enduro Triumph Tiger 800 XC is another interesting bike with spoke wheels and a long-stroke shock absorber. The engine is 3-cylinder, 800 cubic meters, balanced and frisky, in 4 seconds it accelerates the bike to 100 km / h. Pendants allow you to ride on any bumps, with the ability even in the mountains.

9. Kawasaki Vulkan 1700 Voyager
A huge car with a 1700 V-Twin engine that is 10% faster than the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 96. Kawasaki equipped its bike with excellent windshield, stereo, cruise control. The ergonomic bike also has spacious comfortable side bags and a carry case the size of 2 helmets.

Kawasaki Vulkan 1700 Voyager

8. Can-Am Spyder RT Limited
On the eighth line is a unique trike. Of course, it will not work between cars, it will take up a lot of space in the parking lot, but it captivates with a combination of comfort with an abundance of technology, power. Luggage compartment can only be envied.

Can-Am Spyder RT Limited
7. Yamaha
Yamaha Concern presents a sports tourer, the best travel motorcycle, a leader in this group of motor vehicles. The FJR 1300 is a great balance between sports and touring moto, and the rather low cost combined with sophisticated technologies make the bike the best in its category.

Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

The XT660Z Tenere is another decent Yamaha bike in its class. It behaves perfectly on asphalt, also in dirt roads and light mud. Comfortable saddle, 1-cylinder engine of 48 liters. with., speed up to 175 km / h, great design – attractive characteristics of this bike. The minus of the model – a high center of gravity, is an inconvenience for stunted drivers.

6. Star Motorcycles V Star 1300 Deluxe
This motorcycle from the category of baggers borrowed the external signs of motorcycles of this category, while maintaining the curb weight, low cost. Very agile, he is a great choice for long trips.

Star Motorcycles V Star 1300 Deluxe
5. Ducati Mustistrada S 1200
The five best tourist motobikes opens Multistrada, the best-selling model in this segment. The combination of features of urban, tourist, sports bikes is appreciated by the owners, as well as switchable driving modes, versatility, a semi-active suspension, which automatically adjusts itself during the trip to the conditions, traction control system.

Ducati Mustistrada S 1200
4. Victory Cross Country Tour
Cross Country – an excellent tourer from a recognized player in the world of the Victory motor industry has always attracted attention, the Tour version with soft suspension amazes fans of this type of motorcycles with power, fantastic capacity, excellent quality.

Victory Cross Country Tour
3. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited
A recognized motorcycle manufacturer, faithful to its traditions, Harley-Davidson is on the third line of the rating with its most weighty bike, which is described as huge, luxurious. A giant motorcycle, the most expensive in the segment of this type. Equipped with a TourPak, sparkling chrome wheels, beautiful sidelights, high-quality bike accessories – the dream of any touring biker.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited
2. Honda
Gold Wing – Honda’s touring motorcycle legend is incredibly comfortable. The power of a 6-cylinder engine, a comfortable wide passenger seat for traveling together, low running boards – all this is undoubtedly worth the attention paid to a reliable tourist bike.

1. BMW
K1600 GTL – a 6-cylinder tourer from BMW from the moment of its appearance attracted attention with power, adaptability and weight.

BMW F 800 GS Adventure
The F 800 GS Adventure is a dual-use motorcycle that can handle any road. Enduro was created for lovers of long journeys, absorbed the spirit of adventure and discovery. High-quality suspension, protection of the main components, many additional accessories, electronic systems, finally, a powerful engine of 85 liters. from.

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