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Which pit bike is better to buy

Pit bike (Pit-bike) – a small motorcycle with a 4-stroke horizontal engine. Due to the confusing classification of motorcycles, the low popularity of brands, in particular, in the Russian market, it is often difficult for customers to decide which pit bike to buy.

Pit bike

The history of the emergence and improvement of pit bikes
Pitbikes were first constructed in Southern California in the 90s. The first benchmark was the Honda XR50, then other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers picked up the idea. The first motorcycles were pleasant to the buyer, popularity quickly grew. Guy Cooper, a former motocross champion, at his Xtreme Motor Corp company began upgrading branded products with accessories from China, then a small Utah-based American company that imported Chinese minibuses began selling them under its Pitster Pro brand. Then, Chinese motorcyclists evolved children’s pit bikes into serious sports cars. The bikes “grew up” as an adult athlete, the wheels increased from 10 inches to 17, disc brakes were added. Usually a 4-speed gearbox is installed, the speed develops above 100 km / h.

How to choose a pit bike for beginners and professionals? Consider various factors that will help you decide what exactly you expect from a motorcycle:

frame type;
engine type, volume;
wheels and steering wheel;
shock absorbers;
Frame type
The frame is the basis of the design of the pit bike, the appearance of the bike and the driver’s landing depend on it. Conventionally, frames can be divided into three groups. The popularity rating looks like this.

1. CRF50 / CRF70.

Pit bike on frame CRF50

The basis of this frame is the design of the Honda CRF50. Features – direct pendulum, plastic body kit, 3.5-liter tank, longitudinal shock absorber mount. Equipped with increased clearance, made a comfortable landing for high growth.

2. KLX.

Pit bike on the KLX frame

The design is based on Kawasaki KLX110. Features – a direct pendulum, a characteristic body kit made of plastic.

3. TTR.

Pit bike on a TTR frame

The basis of the design of Yamaha motorcycles. Direct pendulum with an internal frame mount, 5-liter tank, progressive rear suspension, highest landing.

In addition, there are frames specially designed to order.

Frames are most often steel. Aluminum is less common, they are more expensive and easier.

When deciding how to choose a motobike, be sure to look at the engine. Reliable, powerful is the YX. Able to withstand a good load, for example, minimotross, hardy, easy to find parts, repair does not take much money, time.

Sometimes engines are equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox. All gears shift normally, but there is no clutch handle, the spring itself squeezes the clutch, most importantly, change them in time. A very convenient option for students learning to ride, children, girls. Very reliable, no less than the usual grip.

We do not recommend purchasing engines with electric start, they often break down, discharge the battery, it is difficult to find spare parts for them.

Children’s models with a cubic capacity of 50–125 are smaller, lightweight, just start. An adult can ride such ones if he adjusts the shock absorbers for weight. Models with a semi-automatic gearbox are especially valued.

For teenagers, we recommend versions 125-500 cc. They are good for adults, this is the golden mean. If you wish, you can understaff later with expensive spare parts for serious motocross training. Engines give out 9-16 liters. from.

Motorcycles above 150 cubic meters are for experienced ones, they are expensive, but you will immediately buy a well-equipped motorcycle, which you can safely jump from 10-meter jumps. Such large-domed motors are manufactured by three main manufacturers: Yinxiang (YX), Zongshen (ZS), Lifan (LF). The most common motors of the first of these – in almost every third Chinese motorcycle. Engines are produced without electric start.

Wheels and steering wheel
Budget pit bikes have steel rims and bushings. They are heavy and require frequent maintenance. More expensive and practical – aluminum. The steering wheel is also recommended aluminum thick-walled, which is lighter than steel, stronger, straightens after a fall.

Be sure to pay attention to the rubber. Cross options are intended only for driving on the ground. High-standing tires on asphalt roads wear out in a week. Better then install road tires or enduro – more durable.

Pit bike race

For training on the tracks, 12×14 wheels are recommended – they are universal, suitable for everything, ideal for the track. Due to its small size, durable, comfortable for drivers of low, medium height. Large diameter wheels will turn your bike into a kind of scooter.

Classics of this type are 10×10 or 10×10 wheels – this is how the pit bike was conceived. The size is convenient for the children’s option, street riding, fan, camp. The most durable wheels, bikes with them are lightweight, and can withstand normal weight – 100 kg.

Wheels 17×14 are made in Russia for riding in forests, wilds, through swamps, fields. Bring the pit bike closer to the cross bikes. They also make the pit comfortable for tall motorcyclists.

Which pit bike is better to buy
Pit bike (Pit-bike) - a small motorcycle with a 4-stroke horizontal engine. Due to the confusing classification of motorcycles, the low popularity of brands, in particular, in the Russian market,…


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