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Moto: Muscles and Nerves
Spark, storm, madness! The new Harley-Davidson FXDR claims the title of the most severe and “muscular” motorcycle brand, and the guys from Milwaukee know a lot about brutality. What is…

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Moto: Muscles and Nerves

Spark, storm, madness! The new Harley-Davidson FXDR claims the title of the most severe and “muscular” motorcycle brand, and the guys from Milwaukee know a lot about brutality. What is one of the main novelties of the season remembered for?

A Power Cruiser is a motorcycle class literally created by Harley-Davidson. No nostalgia and classic motives, instead of them – clean, hypertrophied “muscles” inside and out. That was V-Rod, a motorcycle that caused controversy among fans of the brand for almost two decades in a row: is it not real or, on the contrary, the most canonical “harley” of all time? Now you don’t have to argue about him – the FXDR who succeeded him leaves no room for discussion.

Without inheritance
In the Russian representative office, FXDR companies are not considered the direct successor to V-Rod. Yes, the ideology of the machine is the same and it is designed for the same energetic men, too young for traditional Harley-Davidson, but still FXDR is different.

Indeed, the new product has much more in common with the Softail family, which has become a real sensation last year. A new, completely redesigned platform brought the handling of motorcycles from Milwaukee to a completely different level. And for FXDR, it was also significantly improved: in addition to a powerful inverted telescopic fork, the motorcycle received its own aluminum pendulum and clips, replacing the traditional steering wheel. Could anyone imagine a decade ago that these engineering solutions will appear on the serial Harley-Davidson, even on such a niche model?

But the landing is familiar – not only the legs are extended forward, but also the arms, the back is tilted in the same direction: you have to stretch from the low saddle to the steering wheel. It is comfortable, at least, until at speeds exceeding the socially acceptable values ​​of the free stream, it does not begin to take its feet off the steps. The passenger “perch” for the initially single-seat motorcycle is an option, so the modest size and reverse tilt can be forgiven.

The very proposal to ride on it, addressed to the girl, is harassing – FXDR throws out such a volume of testosterone that the air sparkles around. The sparkling giblets of a bright, like welding, LED headlight, absorbing black anodized aluminum, straightened like airplane wings, turn signals and even the rear light, taken out with the number plate out of the wheelbase brackets, fade against the background of simple and honest iron.

Tinsel attracts the views of others and distracts from the main thing – a huge receiver of an air filter with a bristling “nulevik” resting on the right leg. Too? For others – perhaps, but the flagship 114-inch V-twin Milwaukee-Eight, the most powerful and advanced Harley-Davidson engine, modesty is useless.

Put aside modesty!
Here, traditions (such as air cooling of cylinders and lower camshaft) are mixed with modern technologies: two candles and four valves per cylinder, electronic gas handle and modern injection allow you to leave the first traffic light at any traffic light. At the same time, 91 “horses” – a ridiculous value for 1868 “cubes” of working volume – are much more important than 160 Nm of torque, with which the rear “skating rink” leaves greasy black streaks even on dry asphalt, it is worth loosening the handle of the “gas” a little more.

The rear wheel size of 240/40 R18 claims to be the largest in the class. Rubber with the HD logo, deaf, without slots, the rear disc drum, decorated with spectacular engraving with the company name – all this looks incredibly cool! Even the scarlet numbers, stripes and letters, which have long been sore on the “heated” versions of Korean hatchbacks, look appropriate here, especially with four scarlet candle wires twisted for show.

Delicious corporate blow when you turn on the first gear and clear switching up to the highest sixth: the box works perfectly! Like the clutch, the lever of which does not feel too tight. The frantic acceleration breaks off as sharply as it starts: 193 km / h on a tiny dashboard seem artificially low, the motor is enough for more. Engineers reinsured?

The potential of a pair of 4-piston calipers at the front and a 2-piston caliper at the rear is enough to effectively slow down a 303-kilogram thunder at any speed, although you have to put pressure on the levers. Nothing, in which case the full-time ABS will hedge – the only electronic assistant FXDR, adding peace of mind to the pilot. It’s not scary to brake, it’s scary to turn.

Take it wider
All the perfect chassis is divided into the width of the wheels, a large angle of inclination of the fork and a long base – you have to put a lot of effort to change the paths, and to fill up the turns wider, as if by truck. Accustomed to slowness, you begin to look for a limit: usually you can’t bend the motorcycles from Milwaukee very much – the footboard or the muffler quickly rests on the asphalt, but the FXDR allows you to bend more than it seems. I don’t remember any other “Harley” that could have been thrown so deep!

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