DIY cross bike
Many people dream of a cross motorcycle, because it gives people unprecedented freedom of movement. Unlike most sportbikes and urban models, such a motorcycle is able to move quickly enough…

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The stunt on a motorcycle. Stunt riding cool motorcycle stunts
Stunt riding It always seemed to us that we all knew about motorcycles. These are very beautiful and cool devices that provide their owner with a unique sense of freedom.…

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Best japanese motorcycles
Have you ever wondered why motorcycles from Japan are the most popular in the world? The bike catalog is huge, it makes it possible to choose a Japanese motorcycle to…

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Films about motorcycles and bikers

Hundreds of films have been made about bikers and their favorite iron friends. Even the Soviet film about Electronics, beloved by many, was not without an episode where a bad guy rides a bike around the city streets. Films about motorcycles are shot in different genres. And lovers of fast and free riding can watch their favorite movie from a large list of films shot, both foreign and domestic production.

The feeling of complete freedom gives the rider a biker beating in the face of the wind. The motorcycle has great potential and is very mobile, and has become a real symbol of freedom and a special lifestyle. This type of transport is in no way inferior to a full-fledged car with its convenience and compactness. A lot of films have been shot about harsh bikers and their faithful iron horses. This is a classic adventure genre, and mysticism. The film about motorcyclists can be found on many sites where in real time you can watch it in good quality.

Real motorcycle enthusiasts will appreciate the roar of the motor of the bike, the night races on it, the spirit of freedom, which are clearly visible in films about bikers and motorcycles. Many who do not have their own motorcycle are happy to watch films about them to see what they are in action – these motorcycles are loved by many. They will understand some of the subtleties of experienced and harsh, at first glance, bikers. On many sites dedicated to motorcycle sports and the bikes themselves, you can find a list of movies about motorcycles, where you can select and watch the most interesting of them.

Many documentaries about motorcycles have been shot. The history of this type of transport, motorcycle competitions, stories about many famous motorsports – all this can be seen in such films.

Photographs are also divided by direction. There are a lot of them. Biker movies. Films about sports motorcycles. Movies on a motorcycle theme, which shows the tricks and walks of crazy and fanatical bike lovers. A large number of films of a completely different theme often have at least an episode where you can see motorcyclists and their iron friends. Many cartoons about this type of transport were also shot.

List of films about bikers and motorcycles
Choosing the best movies about motorcyclists is very difficult. Each of us has our own preferences, our favorites. But an approximate top of such films can still be collected.

The best movies about motorcycles
In this list of best films, the film “Bikers in the City” took tenth place.
This is a kind of parody of biker films. Bikers arrived in a small town and found out that the deceased residents of the city turned into zombies. And this gang had to save the town from them. The film has it all – and sex, and fights, and a little fear.

In ninth place was the film “Motopsiha.”
The leader of a small gang of three bikers is a Vietnam veteran with a mental disability. They drive along deserted roads. And oncoming people are beaten and raped. They are trying to find and punish the husband of the woman they killed. He meets another woman who has become a widow. A gang killed her husband. Endless chases and fights.

“Che Guevara: The Diaries of a Motorcyclist” took eighth place on this list.
A film about the early years of a revolutionary. Nothing about his political life here. Only personal experiences. The film was based on the book of the revolutionary himself, entitled “Traveling on a motorcycle.” You can’t call the film biker right away, but it’s still about them.

Che Guevara: The Diaries of a Motorcyclist

In seventh place was the film “Ghost Rider”.
Beloved by many, Nicolas Cage plays an extreme motorcyclist. To save his beloved, the main character of the film made a dangerous deal with the devil. Having given his immortal soul, he received supernatural abilities from the devil. The film is adorned only by the game of famous actors.

The sixth place was given to the movie “Vampire Motorcycle.”
Horror and comedy have come together in this film. After the death of the occultist at the hands of bikers, an evil spirit moved into a motorcycle. After the sale of this bike, all the fun begins. The motorcycle begins to take revenge on bikers. This is nonsense, but in life what just does not happen.

In fifth place is the film with the participation of Mickey Rourke “Harley Davidson and the Cowboy Marlboro.”
Two friends who imagined themselves Robin Hoods to help a friend, the owner of a bar, robbed a collector. But there was no money there, only drugs. And now bandits are hunting for friends. Cult movie.

The film “Hell Race” gets a legitimate fourth place.
The director of this film, Larry Bishop, is already known for his iconic film Burden of Mad Dogs. A movie that true bikers will love. There is everything here – harsh men who know what a code of honor is. The number of naked women and scenes of violence in the film goes beyond the limit. But, unfortunately, there is little sense in the film. But films about bikers are not loved for their meaning, but for the thoughts that arise after watching them, again sit on your favorite motorcycle.

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