DIY cross bike
Many people dream of a cross motorcycle, because it gives people unprecedented freedom of movement. Unlike most sportbikes and urban models, such a motorcycle is able to move quickly enough…

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Stickers on the motorcycle, for what we need, types of vinyl stickers, do it yourself
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Home-made cross-country motorcycles, types, do-it-yourself tricycles

The main directions of change for homemade motorcycles
Recently, many countries hold exhibitions where designers present their home-made motorcycles. At such exhibitions, the fantasy of designers is striking. That motorcycle is an excellent tool in order to implement the most amazing design decisions. Therefore, this motor vehicle is very popular among inventors.

The models that represent moto homemade products are a huge variety. But they can be classified in three directions.

First direction
The focus here is on cross-country ability. They use large size inflatable balloons. Outwardly, such a motorcycle resembles three balls, among which a motorcyclist is arranged. This also includes motorcycles, instead of wheels on which wheels from tractors or heavy trucks are used. Homemade minibike on very wide tires also belongs to this direction.

Second direction
This is a more aesthetic field. Here, designers are trying to merge a motorcycle with a car. If the wheelbase of a motorcycle is increased to the size of a car, the motorcycle may look like a very spectacular open car. In this case, the motorcycle is planted on three wheels. The back of such homemade motorcycles have a variety of sports and aerodynamic forms. Some owners can put five passengers in such a motorcycle.

Third direction
This is minimalism. If you put a sufficiently powerful motorcycle on small wheels, it will look like an automobile children’s toy. Not only amateurs, but also serious manufacturers are engaged in this direction.

Most often, designers work for choppers, enduro and cross bikes. Such motorcycles are for those who cannot imagine themselves without this type of transport, for those who consider motorcycles to be an extension of themselves, their way of life. Real motorcyclists never lose the desire to remake their iron friend into something completely different, and be the sole owner of a unique vehicle.

Cross-country motorcycles
homemade cross motorcycles

A cross-country motorcycle is considered a fairly extensible concept. Therefore, home-made cross-country motorcycles are made from any motor vehicle. Cross-country motorcycles are considered sports and have different engine sizes – from fifty to five hundred cubic centimeters. To make a cross-country motorcycle yourself, take any basic model of a factory motorcycle.

What is the requirement for a cross bike? One and the most important thing is that the motorcycle should be as light as possible. All possible details are removed from the base model in order to facilitate its construction as much as possible.

Motor racing, where such motorcycles were used, was held at the very beginning of the emergence of this sport on rough terrain. She was replete with a variety of natural obstacles. These were steep climbs, pits of various depths, turns of high complexity and barriers.

Modern tracks are equipped with more complex obstacles that are made artificially. To overcome the modern track, difficult jumps are made on the motorcycle, the bike is lifted with the help of legs.

And for modern motorcycle racing, the most important task is the most lightweight motorcycle design.

You can exchange the prefabricated frame for aluminum construction. Headlights and speedometers must be removed from the motorcycle.

To convert the bike into a cross bike, there is not so much needed work to be done. A cross front fork is installed, which is more elongated. The rear suspension is changing. Be sure to install cross tires.

What else do you need to do? The clearance between the seat and the rear wheel can be increased. This will allow jumping and racing on a motorcycle. Use a shock absorber from a motorcycle of a different model. The design can be changed in this way. Digest it so that the back of the motorcycle is slightly raised. If you decide to alter the engine on the motorcycle during the conversion, you need to know the following. In this case, you will need certification so that you can move along the road.

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