Police motorcycles
The history of the use of motorcycles by police has more than a hundred years. The first police motorcycle was purchased for the needs of the New York Police Department…

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The best choice of tires
Most specialized sites talk about how to choose tuning accessories, shock absorbers, brakes and motorcycle oils, but relatively little attention is paid to tires. This approach is very unfair -…

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A single-wheel motorcycle is called a monocycle or unicycle. The first name came from the two Greek words “single” and “circle”. The second is from the Latin word "one." Riding…

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All-wheel drive motorcycles

Four-wheel drive motorcycles are perfect for outdoor activities and sports. At the beginning of the last century, this is 1924, the British manufacturers created the first motorcycle with all-wheel drive on two wheels. For a very long time this motorcycle was the only one.

In the middle of the last century, the American company Rokon created its all-wheel drive motorcycle, which the developers called a motor tractor. A unique motorcycle today is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. And for the needs of the army they use it.

On the Rockon motorcycle, the front wheel drive is made in two chains. The rear wheel drive is used chain. The suspension on the motorcycle is completely absent. Providing low tire pressure tires on the ground allows the motorcycle to pass any off-road. And the motorcycle easily passes dirt and sand. A motorcycle weighs very little, about a hundred kilograms. Wide tires, light weight, four-wheel drive allow the motorcycle to easily cope with the most difficult road and pass any obstacles on the road.

What else surprises this motorcycle? The wheels of a motorcycle are airtight drums that store water and fuel. Such wheels and very wide tires allow this vehicle to float.

It is impossible to switch gears on the go. It is necessary to choose a driving mode in advance, and during driving use only gas and brake. If off-road conditions are very difficult, first gear is used. And in order to be able to maneuver, the second one is chosen. In third gear, you can accelerate the motorcycle to fifty kilometers per hour. This is the fastest motorbike speed.

At the end of the last century, motor plants abroad began to experiment with all-wheel drive. Suzuki has developed several motorcycle models that have various types of mechanical drives.

Russian all-wheel drive Siberia motorcycles Experiments have shown that all these drives are viable, but all-wheel drive motorcycles have a very high cost because the production of such drives is very expensive, and besides, on difficult off-road sections they were not as reliable as they should have been. would.

Suzuki used a different scheme for the enduro motorcycle. To drive the front wheel, a telescopic shaft was used, which had two bevel gears. But this circuit had a very complex technology and is quite expensive.

Yamaha used a hydraulic drive that is mounted on the front wheel of the motorcycle. Such a motorcycle had excellent performance in the rally championship. To install such a drive, you do not need to make major changes in the design of the motorcycle itself. It has a small weight and the same small size. Its advantages are that the torque is automatically distributed between the wheels, and for this no additional special devices are needed. Today it is the most efficient all-wheel drive system for two-wheeled vehicles.

Work on improving the all-wheel drive system does not stop. Each manufacturing company tries to find something unique and convenient.

Russian four-wheel drive all-terrain motorcycles
All-wheel drive motorcycle Tarus

At the end of winter, Russia hosted an exhibition called the All-Terrain Vehicle-2014. At this exhibition, the Russian company All-Terrain Vehicle-2×2 showed its model of an all-wheel drive motorcycle, which was named Tarus.

The idea of ​​all-wheel drive for motorcycles in the west has long been realized. But in Russia, no. Although it is our country that is famous for its epic off-road, and there are all prerequisites for the production of such motorcycles. But domestic production of such motorcycles did not offer. The situation has changed only recently.

The appearance of the first Russian all-wheel drive motorcycle is very similar to the American counterpart. Such motorcycles all look similar to each other. In the center of the engine, and at the edges – two wheels. And the drive on the Russian and American motorcycles is the same. But the Russian version of the motorcycle with all-wheel drive has noticeable differences. If the gearbox on the Rockon is on the front fork, then on the domestic machine it is on the frame. The drive to the gearbox from the gearbox passes through the shaft. The shaft has a cardan joint. In addition, he was enclosed in a casing.

The solution chosen at Tarusi is much more complicated. And there is a high probability of damage. But the nodes, additionally installed, increase the weight of the motorcycle. Options American motorcycles richer. But the weight of Rokon is 95 kilograms, and Tarus weighs only 65. The difference is big and important.

The quick-detachable construction of a Russian motorcycle will make it possible to disassemble it in five minutes if necessary and place it in the trunk of a car. It is very convenient for hunters and fishermen. The maximum speed of Tarusi is approximately forty kilometers per hour. The engine can be started with a manual starter. But if the buyer wants, they can install an electric starter on him. Forty-five centimeters high snow cover is easily overcome by this motorcycle.

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