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A single-wheel motorcycle is called a monocycle or unicycle. The first name came from the two Greek words “single” and “circle”. The second is from the Latin word “one.”

Riding such a motorcycle is quite interesting, but extreme. The fact is that when riding on it you need to be able to balance correctly. The appearance of a unicycle is reminiscent of science fiction technology. Already this year, many interested people will be able to ride such a motorcycle. This is a very compact and economical mode of transport. They work on electric batteries, develop a low speed, but quite sufficient to move along the sidewalk. This motorcycle is designed for ordinary citizens.

An analogue of a unicycle is a segway, which is used in America by postmen and police. What is a Segway? This is a completely new vehicle that consists of a platform, two wheels, a steering wheel and a battery. You can control it intuitively, using the movement of the center of gravity of your body.

The electronic scooter has already conquered many countries, and today it has come to Russia. Megosamokat created a millionaire from America, the development and creation of which took one hundred and thirty million dollars. But today all expenses have already paid off.

Managing this amazing transport is very simple, it takes a few minutes to master the basics of control. To kick the scooter, you need to lean forward, and standing up straight, stop it. To rotate, the body body is tilted and turn the steering wheel a little. Smart transport obeys and fulfills your every move and desire.

The weight of the segway is about fifty kilograms. It is used by postal and tax officials. Many cops ride them. An environmentally friendly vehicle rides on a battery, which charges enough for thirty kilometers.

In many ways, the Segway and the unicycle are similar. They have the same maximum speed – about sixteen kilometers per hour, take up little space. Both of these vehicles, and electric scooter, and a unicycle will allow you to ride on the sidewalk.

Unicycle Ryno

A completely safe one-wheeled motorcycle was offered by Ryno Motors. The single wheel of the motorcycle is 63.5 cm in diameter. The device combines gyroscopes and accelerometers to ensure the motorcycle is self-balancing. And when the driver correctly distributes his weight, providing acceleration of the motorcycle and its stop, on this vehicle from the future you can feel quite safe.

The executive director of the company shared the story of the idea of ​​creating such a motorcycle. His daughter ordered him to him, and even drew a sketch of his future motorcycle. Chris Hoffman really liked the idea, and he began to implement it. Thus, the hobby of the designer turned into a business. Orders for their motorcycle, which was called Ryno, are already being received, and deliveries will begin this spring.

On a regular motorcycle, it is driven by a hand throttle. Here it is enough to lean forward slightly, just like on a Segway, and your motorcycle will go. When you tilt the steering wheel, the sensor sets the wheel to balance, and to restore balance, the motorcycle rides. Lean back a little and the motorcycle stops. For those who find this uncomfortable, the motorcycle was equipped with a hand brake.

A unicycle can even overcome inclines. Six hours are enough to fully charge this vehicle. For this, a twelve-voltage charger is used. This is enough to drive it for almost sixteen kilometers. And if you drive at low speed, you can drive more. Headlights are installed on the motorcycle, there is also an electronic dashboard.

Such a motorcycle seems dangerous only at the beginning, but in reality it is very safe and simple. All control is easy. Self-balancing of the motorcycle is impressive, falling on it is unrealistic.

Here you only need to learn how to properly distribute your weight. The bike weighs a little over seventy kilograms, and most of the weight falls on its only wheel and engine. When riding this motorcycle you won’t even feel the roughness of the road. The following aspect is used to park the motorcycle. The frame of the motorcycle is equipped with a rubberized pad. You just knock over the motorcycle, and it rises to this platform, acting as a stand. On the wheel, on its two sides, stands are installed where the legs are placed. But they can be folded if desired.

In some countries, such a motorcycle is allowed to ride on sidewalks.

Unicycle from different manufacturers
In New York, an exhibition of toys of international importance. At it, the participants of the exhibition were presented with a unicycle, which was called Solowheel.
Solowheel standalone motorbike This model was developed by Inventist. The compact motorcycle is easy to assemble and carry, just like an ordinary bag. The kit also includes a charger.

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