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Mini motorcycles, their types, small-sized motorcycles, mini bike or scooter

In modern times, more and more motorcycles can be found on our roads. On cars due to traffic jams it takes a very long time to get to the place. On a motorcycle, this is much easier and faster. Gone are the days when our domestic bikers drove Soviet and Russian-made motorcycles.

For beginners, all well-known manufacturers offer small-capacity motorcycles, the engine capacity of which does not exceed 250 cubic centimeters. The advantages of such motorcycles are enough. They are easy to operate, have little power, and a reasonable price.

Such well-known giants among motorcycle manufacturers as Honda and Yamaha have set the quality standard for such motorcycles, which other manufacturers adhere to. Today, motorcycles up to 50 cubic meters are mostly produced in India. In addition to generally accepted standards, Indian manufacturers have a good staff of engineers and designers, and therefore the price of their motorcycles becomes affordable for many.

We will conduct a short review of such motorcycles.

Nero Karizma A company from India, Nero Motocorp, produces such small-capacity motorcycles.
The company plans to release them at ten million a year. This number cannot be fiction, because the demand for such motorcycles is growing every year. Economical motorists will appreciate this motorcycle in order not to pay for additional lotions, which are most often simply not used, and the price of transport is raised.

Yamaha YBR 125.
Proven and reliable motorcycle. Nice, economical, maneuverable and affordable motorcycle is very appreciated by its owners. For motorcycle schools, such a bike is simply not replaceable for training.

A large number of such motorcycles are offered by the Chinese motor industry.
Their main advantage is affordable price. With a complete set, such motorcycles will also not have problems, since everything is in order with it. There are a lot of Chinese motorcycles in the Russian markets.

Patron Sport-150
Modern and stylish motorcycle is completely trimmed with plastic. The production of these motorcycles used modern technology. The wheel is made of light alloy, road tires, both wheels have disc brakes. The maximum speed reaches ninety-five kilometers per hour.

Motorcycle Stels Orion 125
This motorcycle attracts with its price. The unpretentious bike has a classic shape, and is somewhat reminiscent of old motorcycles. 50 cc motorcycles of this model will not require you to register. The rear wheel of the motorcycle has an improved tread pattern, and therefore it is equally easy to ride on the road and on soft ground.

These are just a few types of motorbikes that are great for beginner bikers. Learning to ride best on such models in order to gain experience and the necessary skills.

Mini bikes
Mini motorcycles are called differently. Pit bikes, mini bikes. They are small in size and small in power. And they are used not only for children. For fun and karting, adults are also happy to ride them.

They appeared in the middle of the last century. Now it is difficult to determine who was the first to create such a machine, and they believe that the Japanese were the first. Motorcycle designers from Japan have always loved to amaze their customers with their new products. The idea of ​​creating mini-bikes was liked by many manufacturers, and today you can buy a small motorcycle from any manufacturer.

Types of mini bikes
Midi moto

These are the largest in size motorcycles in this series. This is a kind of small copy of big bikes.

Pit bike
High-grade mini cross-country motorcycles. They weigh up to eighty kilograms. Engines having a volume of 100-150 cc are placed on such motorcycles.

Pocket Moto
The mini sport bike is also a small copy of a racing motorcycle. In operation and maintenance of such motorcycles are very simple. The motorcycle is small in size and can easily be placed in the trunk of a car. But his speed is quite high, up to seventy kilometers per hour. These motorcycles are the smallest. They are engines up to fifty cubic meters.

Mini choppers
Amazingly small copy of choppers, the same comfortable and convenient for the driver. The speed of such motorcycles reaches one hundred kilometers.

But you do not need to assume that it is easy to ride mini-bikes. They also require the most serious approach to them, as well as to large motorcycles. Appropriate motorcycle equipment is also required for riding these motorcycles. Motorcycles have toy sizes, but they can accelerate to eighty, or even more kilometers.

Today, many countries hold competitions where pilots compete in mini-bikes. The design of such motorcycles is not much different from their big brothers. But there is one difference – they do not have shock absorbers, and the chassis is rigid. Therefore, it is best to ride mini bikes on a flat surface.

Mini-bike engines have a small volume, up to fifty cubic meters, and for a good dynamic ride this can be quite enough. They differ in price.

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