What is the fastest motorcycle
More and more people are choosing a motorcycle for themselves. And they choose among a wide variety of models and the type of bikes that which suits the owner’s temperament,…

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A single-wheel motorcycle is called a monocycle or unicycle. The first name came from the two Greek words “single” and “circle”. The second is from the Latin word "one." Riding…

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A single-wheel motorcycle is called a monocycle or unicycle. The first name came from the two Greek words “single” and “circle”. The second is from the Latin word "one." Riding…

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Wardrobe trunks for motorcycles, mounts, side and rear

More and more people today choose to ride a motorcycle. On this type of transport you can drive on any road, go round any traffic jams. But there is a very significant problem. The motorcycle is not designed to carry luggage. And when planning a long trip on a motorcycle, you have to take with you the necessary things that need to be put somewhere.

Riding around the city, and, especially, outside it, should be convenient and comfortable. To do this, just having a bike is not enough. It will become full-fledged if it is universal. And for this, many of the motorcyclists install such an additional accessory as motorcycle wardrobe trunks on a motorcycle.

Wardrobe trunks and bags for motorcycles are not a tribute to fashion, it is a necessity.

Their main purpose is to store and transport items so that the rider does not feel inconvenience when transporting them.

Even minimal things are necessary for a person when riding. Be it documents, any necessary things and accessories. Gradually, the motorcycle settles in with the things necessary for the motorcyclist. And additional boxes or compartments in the motorcycle is not provided. And motor-wardrobe trunks are an ideal solution to fold all these things neatly.

In order to install the trunks on the motorcycle, there are special fasteners. They are made of special and durable materials so that the motorcyclist is confident in the safety of everything transported during movement. Materials for the manufacture of wardrobe trunks are used waterproof, so that things in it will not suffer in any weather.

Types of motorcycle trunks
In their shape and appearance, the wardrobe trunks are divided into several varieties.

Side wardrobe trunks
Side wardrobe trunks.They are modeled on travel bags used by cowboys. Such bags were thrown to the horse through the croup. Used them for long journeys. The side trunks for a motorcycle are secured with a belt that is thrown over the seat of the motorcycle. They are located near the rear wheel on both sides of it. Large and voluminous wardrobe trunks are installed on the chopper, because it is on such motorcycles that they make long trips.

Their form is constantly changing and modernizing. New models of wardrobe trunks can have different carrying capacity and volume, different appearance, but their purpose is the same – to transport and save luggage, in which there are things that can be useful on the road.

Motorcycle rear case
Such wardrobe trunks of the most diverse types are performed. Rectangular, in the form of loaves of small and impressive sizes. Wardrobe trunks are made in the form of crosses and bags. Wardrobe cases in the form of bags have, as in backpacks, a large number of various pockets.

They have a rear carry case behind the motorcyclist. If there is a place for a passenger on a two-wheeled transport, then the case is fixed on its back. If not, then use the rear wing or trunk for mounting. With the help of the back case, you can increase the volume of things that are taken on the road.

Wardrobe trunk
Such a case has the shape of an elongated cylinder. It is convenient to fix it on the fork of your motorcycle. You can also do this near the engine. It’s convenient to put down drinks or keys.

Side trunks for a motorcycle
On the motorcycle Izh, the factory has built-in metal side glove compartments. They were located between the shock absorber and the gas tank. Such wardrobe trunks perform a dual role. Firstly, you can put all the necessary tools there. After all, anything can happen on the road, and they will certainly be needed. Secondly, they close the battery with themselves. All vulnerable motorcycle parts are safely hidden by such side handbags.

A bag
A motorcycle bag is most often mounted on a motorcycle tank. A bag is mounted on a tank covered with a leather patch below its lid. Bags for a motorcycle are usually made in small sizes. It is very convenient to store documents and small items in it, which should always be at hand.

If you plan a long trip, you can attach two side wardrobe trunks, a rear wardrobe trunk and a bag to the trunk to the motorcycle. In this case, you can take with you everything you need.

But remember that you should not hang high-volume wardrobe trunks on road or tourist motorcycles. In this case, the size of the motorcycle increases significantly, and you may have problems if you want to quickly go around big traffic jams. And the speed, of course, decreases.

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