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Stickers on the motorcycle, for what we need, types of vinyl stickers, do it yourself

A special kind of tuning are motorcycle stickers. This type of design of your motorcycle will be the most simple and practical. When ordering any images, having come up with a design yourself, you can create exclusive original stickers on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle vinyl foil has a huge selection of colors. Stickers will not only highlight your motorcycle among others and make it bright and memorable. They perfectly protect the bike from mechanical damage, minor scratches and chips.

Vinyl stickers can protect your motorcycle from premature wear. Durable stickers retain their color and brightness for two years. This time is enough to admire the look of your bike and change the stickers, again changing the look of your iron friend.

The process of gluing a motorcycle takes very little time. You can completely paste the selected stickers on the motorcycle. And for this you can use stickers for individual motorcycle parts. Most motorcyclists use stickers in places that wear out more and more often.

Using a film on which a special full-color spraying can be simulated carbon fiber coating. This solution will be cheaper for you. It perfectly protects the motorcycle from various damages. And your motorcycle will look interesting and original.

Vinyl film is easy to make. Use a special transparent film on which to print. And it completely envelops the entire motorcycle. Additional surface preparation of the vehicle is not required. To fix the pattern and protect it from burnout, another protective film is laminated on top. Then your coating will be resistant to any manifestations of the external environment.

Recently used reflective stickers on the motorcycle. With such stickers, your motorcycle will become more noticeable even in the dark and original. Stickers on motorcycle wheels are also used reflective. A tape with a width of five millimeters and a length of up to six meters can be of various colors: white, red, blue, yellow and black. One set is enough for two wheels. You will also receive an applicator that facilitates your application. Stickers will make the appearance of the bike more spectacular, and provide additional security, as it will become more noticeable.

Thus, it is possible to decorate not only the motorcycle itself or its individual parts. Stickers on the helmet can be found the most diverse and bright.

Types of Vinyl Stickers
Stickers for motorcycle wheels

We always want to stand out among others, to tell the whole world that we are individual and unique. This also applies to motorcyclists. Their iron friend is already showing their inner attitude, and all sorts of stickers give completeness.

Types of stickers can be very different:

Logo of the motorcycle manufacturer itself
All kinds of pictures and funny inscriptions
Informational. It can be both an announcement and necessary signs
Promotional. In this way, you can advertise the proposed service or product.
Colorful stickers with the image of birds and animals, nature and people.
Tuning a motorcycle or airbrushing can cost its owner a pretty penny. And the stickers have quite affordable prices, they are easy to stick on, and also easy to remove. The original decoration on your motorcycle will also hide minor defects.

The gluing procedure itself is simple. You can order it at specialized service centers or do it yourself. The basis of any sticker is a special self-adhesive PVC film. On a special device, the future image is cut out. To transfer the picture to the motorcycle, there is an adhesive backing.

Stickers can be placed on any part of the motorcycle or pasted completely.

You can make your own motorcycle stickers
DIY motorcycle stickers

Stickerbombing has become popular recently. The purpose of sticker bombs is styling. It is done so that your motorcycle stands out among its own kind with its brightness and originality.

You can make stickers on the motorcycle with your own hands. And if you want a truly exclusive look, try stickbombing.

There are two options.

Stickers can be bought, but you can find interesting on the Internet and download. After that, you cut them and paste them over the motorcycle. This is done not according to the scheme, but wherever it is necessary. Stickers can be found on each other, pasted even in several layers. And the pattern that you get on your motorcycle will be the most unique.
The second option is much simpler and more practical. You buy a ready-made film with drawings printed on it and paste a motorcycle over it. But exclusivity from this option should not be expected, since the same stickers can be found on another bike.
How to do it? You can, of course, stick all the stickers on the motorcycle, but it is better to do this procedure according to a certain technique.

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