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Motorcycle DVR – The Right Choice

Car drivers have long been using DVRs. Today, these devices adapt to the extreme driving conditions of motorcycles. A motorcycle dashcam is no longer unbelievable.

The device is a very small digital video camera. She is placed in a waterproof case. And with it you can shoot even in difficult conditions, when to do it with other devices is simply unrealistic.

The motorcycle recorder is adapted to any computer. Information moves literally in a few minutes. Video recording can last several hours. For all manufacturers of these devices, the most important thing is the convenience of the driver. Therefore, various fasteners are provided.

When choosing a registrar, special attention should be paid to such qualities:

It must be airtight
Durable and resistant to various vibrations and shaking
The sensor and microphone should only have high quality specifications.
The product must be maneuverable.
Not all drivers consider a DVR extremely necessary for riding a motorcycle. But we must accept that this is a very useful device. You can’t just be able to upload videos with your achievements on public display, although for many this option is very important. If you suddenly become a participant in an accident, a registrar’s record will help prove your innocence.

At first, motorcyclists used registrars for cars, as they are now produced compact and functional. But today, manufacturers offer special devices designed specifically for motorcycles.

There are many devices, and brand registrars are considered the most popular

The device has a rotating lens. A four-fold increase is possible. A very compact device will be an excellent solution for video blogging. High quality night shooting.

GoPro HD Nero Recorder
Ideal for extreme driving conditions. They are most often used in competitions and diving. Powerful processor, a large number of settings. The recorder case will allow you to dive to a depth of sixty meters. The camera is equipped with rain protection. The kit includes a large number of fasteners, which will allow you to fix the camera anywhere, in front or behind the motorcycle.

Moto DVRs
How to install a DVR on a motorcycle
Installing a DVR under a motorcycle headlight

As already mentioned, many motorcycle owners use car recorders. But special devices for motorcycles will not only record all the information, but they will record the acceleration and remember the track.

Before buying a registrar, you need to decide where it is planned to be fixed. To protect the device from moisture and dust, you can place it under the saddle. When installing the main unit, make sure that you have enough space and length of wires for it.

Your next step will be to determine where to install the sensors. In the basic configuration there are usually two cameras, an antenna with a microphone and an indication unit. By installing the camera behind the visor, you protect the camera from midges, but do not protect it from dust. And any dirt can ruin the picture.

Therefore, it is best to install the camera under the headlight. But make sure the wing doesn’t hurt her. The rear camera can be mounted under the boot. The view from above will be a little closed, but the camera will be protected from the sun and extra looks.

If you purchased a kit with a hidden installation, you will not be able to hide the camera so that it cannot be seen at all. But the risk of theft will decrease if the wiring is done correctly, and pull everything with plastic clamps. The best fasteners are plastic clamps, which you need to fix all the equipment.

Tape the main unit with electrical tape and tighten with clamps. In this case, it will not vibrate and rub against steel brackets. But don’t pinch the buttons. So that you can freely extract all the contents. When done, you can connect the power.

Helmet recorder – as one of the installation options
Helmet recorder One of the ways to mount the camera is to install it on a helmet. A helmet DVR will help you shoot in motion. In a similar way, cameras are mounted by athletes to record all their actions in competitions.

Such cameras can work even in extreme conditions. A great option for outdoor enthusiasts. Thus, you can create original videos. The camera is not afraid of either climbing mountain peaks or descending to underwater depths.

The camera you mount on your helmet can do a lot. It transmits the video signal directly to the computer, shows the resulting picture on the network, records and saves information on the hard drive. The recorder case is made of shockproof materials. Specialized mounts attach it to the helmet. And such a reliable registrar can be used in any race on the highway and off-road.

Complete with a DVR, you get removable batteries.

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