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Sports bikes

Motorcycle and speed are two essential things. Riding a motorcycle is always associated with lightness and freedom. Today, the motorcycle market is so diverse that it is very easy for an inexperienced motorcycle driver to get lost in this amount of all the models of this vehicle that exist today. However, everything is not as complicated as it seems. In general, absolutely all motorcycles are divided into two main types: classic and sports. Outwardly, even a schoolboy can distinguish a classic motorcycle from a sports one.

So, the first, as a rule, is rather bulky, large and black, as well as with a chrome engine. You can’t drive a lot on motorcycles of this type, but it will withstand long-distance driving for long distances. But sport bikes are fundamentally different. They are not intended for long trips, but they perfectly show their character on racing tracks. Racing is their element. A sport bike is capable of developing tremendous speeds. They will be discussed later in this article.

So, it should be noted right away that a modern sports bike is a combination of high technologies that have been thawed for years in MotoGP races, after which they have been sent to the number of production models.

Sports bike for racing

Features of sports bikes
Absolutely every model of this transport has its own specific characteristics and purpose. The same goes for sports bikes. Such motorcycles are distinguished not only by their very powerful engine and comfort of control at high speeds, but also by the fact that in their design it is not permissible to have any extra parts that can make vehicles heavier, or to disturb comfort. After all, the weight of a racing motorcycle has a huge impact on its maximum speed.

Therefore, all unnecessary parts are removed to the maximum, and the rest of the motorcycle structure, including the frame, pendulum, fork, traverses, wheels, is made of very durable, but at the same time, quite lightweight materials. Thanks to this, sports bikes with an engine with a volume of 1000 cm3 are capable of supporting weight up to 180 kg.

In addition, special attention is paid to its streamlining, in order to reduce wind resistance during riding, which also affects the speed of a sport bike.

Due to the fact that riders ride during races at tremendously high speeds, there is a need for additional protection for the driver from the headwind. For this, the motorcycle is equipped with a small windshield. However, this is not always the case. Also, sports bikes do not have headlights and turn signals, since there is no need for them on the track, and they will only make the motorcycle heavier.

It is worth noting that the main task of the manufacturers of such motorcycles is to make it as powerful as possible, but at the same time more comfortable to drive, because at high speeds the motorcycle must perfectly listen to its driver. Therefore, much attention is paid to the motorcycle engine itself.

So, sports motorcycles are characterized by a 2-cylinder engine, the volume of which starts from 50 cm3 (such motorcycles include the Suzuki TLR, Honda VTR models), as well as a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 250 cm3 or more (Japanese sports bikes, Italian company MV Agusta, as well as BMW). However, there are other engine designs, for example, a V-shaped 4-cylinder (Honda, Yamaha, Ducati), in-line three-cylinder (Triumph and Benelli), single-cylinder, in-line 2-cylinder, opposed 2-cylinder, etc.

The motors equipped with sports motorcycles have liquid-cooled engines, oil coolers, which are located on the frame across it. Other motors are also found. For example, in drag racing, motorcycles are equipped with a turbocharger and nitrous oxide injection. Their power exceeds 300 hp.

Features of sports bikes

Sport bike handling
As has been said many times, the task of manufacturers of sports motorcycles is to make them as powerful as possible, but at the same time the most comfortable to drive at high speeds. To improve controllability, the angle of attachment of the plug has to be minimized (“wobbling”). However, they figured out how to avoid this.

Therefore, sport bikes have a steering damper, which is installed at the factory. It is somewhat similar to automobile shock absorbers. Thanks to the damper, the steering vibrations are suppressed, as well as controllability is controlled, as a result of which the motorcycle is prevented from falling.

As sports motorcycles develop high speed, they are equipped with a very good braking system. As a rule, disc brakes on sports bikes that have radial rigid mounting of brake calipers with carbon lobed discs and reinforced brake lines.

A lot depends on the tires. For racing, slicks are used where the tread pattern is completely absent or, in some cases, special tires capable of providing maximum control and braking of the motorcycle.

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