Mini motorcycles, their types, small-sized motorcycles, mini bike or scooter
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Indian Roadmaster. Three million in two wheels
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Motorcycle racing, types of races and their description

Motorcycle racing appeared and became popular at a time when motorcycles just appeared. The first cars that were intended for riding appeared at the end of the nineteenth century and were not popular with the population. To prove the advantages of this technique, there was such a competition as motorcycle racing.

In France, the Automobile Club was created, which organized the very first motorcycle racing in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century. And after that, this country is considered the center of world sport in motorcycle racing. It was an automobile race of all kinds of cars along a regular road over a long distance. All kinds of motorcycles, even three- and four-wheeled, were allowed to compete.

The crew of the car could tow its own transport or repair it during the competition. The main requirement was to reach the finish line on their own. At the beginning of the twentieth century, auto racing and motorcycle racing were officially divided as separate types of competitions. The IMF was formed in 1904. And now only this organization held international motorcycle races.

The competitions held on the road were not interesting to the audience, but they needed to be attracted. In order to interest people in racing, competitions began to be held on mototracks that were created specifically for racing. Each time, the conditions of the competition were complicated and new tests for motorcyclists were added.

Racing along the road, which was called road racing, transformed into a different kind, highway-ring, and they became more spectacular. New requirements and conditions have appeared. On a motorcycle it was necessary to climb a hill, races were held at a record speed. On special tracks, high-speed races are held. Racing conditions changed, and, accordingly, motorcycles of new designs appeared.

Off-road motorcycle racing also appeared at the beginning of the last century. For the first time such competitions were held in London. Gradually becoming more popular motorcycle racing began to take place in the form of entertainment shows.

Russia held such competitions for the first time in 1898. This happened near the city of Petersburg. And after that, motorcycle races along the Moscow – Petersburg road were carried out constantly. In the former Soviet Union, they also began to conduct similar motorcycle races. It happened in 1924. They passed at the racetrack. And when the domestic motor industry began to develop, similar competitions were held in each republic of the Union.

Types of motorcycle racing
Racing on sports motorcycles and other types of this technique are held separately for each of them.

This includes a variety of types of motorcycle racing.

Track name differently speedway
For such competitions, a variety of coverings are arranged. For this, ice, earth, grass and other types of coatings are used. Winter motorcycle races are held on a track made of ice or frozen ground.

Motorcycle Track Racing

For this type of competition, special platforms or natural areas of rough terrain are used. In the classic form of these competitions, the passable track has a length of up to three kilometers. Cross-stadium, or as it is called differently, supercross is carried out in an open stadium. There are also dirt bike races.

Supermoto are held only on motorcycles, especially for this type of race intended. The track is divided into several sections. This asphalt road alternates with dirt, where various obstacles are used. The track has a length of not more than two kilometers.

These races are cross-country. Competition requirements include the following conditions. Pilots must adhere to a timetable that is set in advance. Use additional competitions during the passage of races.

Cross Country and Enduro Cross
These are enduro varieties combined with various types of races.

Highway ring
The highway ring has a length of at least three kilometers. A feature of these competitions is a lot of high-speed turns. Here you can use road bikes and special MotoGP classes.

This is what endurance racing is called. They continue for several days, and throughout the race pilots can change.

This is a competition where pilots must show their ability to overcome a variety of obstacles. The entire track runs for a certain period of time. Special motorcycles participate in the mototrial.


Highways linear
These races feature road bikes. Regular roads are closed for other vehicles for the duration of the competition.

Here they compete with the team. The motorcyclist must tow the skier along the winter track. It can be snowy or icy. A mixed track is also used. There are restrictions on these races. Do not use wheel chains or studded tires.

Special races where records are set. It can be a record at any distance, small or long.

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