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Motorcycles 125 cubic meters

On the motorcycle market today, there is simply a huge number of various bikes, ranging from children’s to racing motorcycles. Each model is distinguished by its design, as well as its purpose. However, 125 cubes motorcycles are in greatest demand among young people. It is worth saying that the owners of the bike of 125 cubes are often affectionately called the “octopus”. This name comes from the engine capacity of this motorcycle, which is 1/8 liter.

The high popularity of this particular motorcycle is due to its advantages, among which are the following:

This will be noticed both by a novice who just got behind the wheel of a motorcycle, and already by a professional driver who is used to riding a standard, bulky motorcycle, after which riding an “octopus” is particularly easy. In addition, such a motorcycle is perfect for off-road driving and dirt. After all, a bogged down wheel can be easily pulled out independently without asking for outside help. This situation is especially relevant for rural areas. And this is due to the light weight of the vehicle. This is the main reason why in Soviet times 125 cubes “Voskhod” and “Minsk” were especially fond of motorcycles.

High cross
In conditions of very dense traffic in the metropolis, a motorcycle of 125 cubic meters is simply an indispensable vehicle, since it can easily squeeze between cars, thereby breaking the traffic jam in a matter of minutes. That is why such motorcycles are so loved by pizza delivery people.

Depending on the manufacturer, this vehicle can be purchased at an affordable price.

Bike production 125 cubic meters
Moto 125 cubes

Many companies are currently producing motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cm3. The most popular are Japanese firms Honda, Yamaha, as well as Suzuki, German Sachs Madass, as well as English Bantam. However, the largest share in this market belongs to China. Their motorcycles are in no way inferior in quality to other manufacturers, but at a price they are cheaper.

But Belarusian bikes Minsk, which are assembled at Motovelo OJSC, are famous for the lowest prices for such motorcycles. Belarus takes the first place in this issue. A Belarusian motorcycle with an engine of 125 cubic meters can be purchased for 35,000 rubles.

Also, some Russian enterprises are involved in the production of 125 cubic meters of motorcycles, including the Kovrov plant, as well as IzhMash. Russian motorcycles can be purchased at a cost that ranges from 40,500 rubles to 55,500 rubles. Chinese counterparts will cost slightly more.

However, one cannot fail to mention the fact that some models of such motorcycles assembled in China have long surpassed their European brothers. The most common models made in China are Irbis TTR 125. SYM XS 125. Kayo CRF801. Stels 130 Sity Rider and many others.

Moto classes 125 cubic meters
Absolutely all Moto 125 cubes are divided into three classes:

Of course, the most prestigious among all motorcycles of small cubic capacity are considered sports bikes. Exactly 125 cm3 sports motorcycles are produced by absolutely every well-known motorcycle company. All companies are constantly competing among themselves for the best sports bike 125 cm3. And, of course, the winner in this competition is determined by the competition of equipment on the racetrack. There is even a certain tradition of raising a motorcycle on a pedestal at the end of a motorcycle competition. But, one victory does not mean anything, you need to win the battle completely. Therefore, the winner must confirm his primacy by winning in the following stages. This is the main reason why, between races, each manufacturing company tirelessly works to improve the performance of its racing bike. For this is the only way to get in much better shape in the following competitions.

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