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ATVs for teens

Every year, among children and adolescents, a technique such as an ATV is becoming increasingly popular. Technological progress has stepped forward so much that today it is possible to purchase such an adult toy for your child, starting from the age of three. Of course, special models are provided for young children with enhanced safety precautions.

They are low-power and do not develop high speed. However, they are an excellent technique in which a child can acquire certain skills in driving an ATV, and thereby prepare for the management of more serious models. Therefore, a teenage ATV is significantly different from a children’s one and looks more like a serious adult technique.

ATVs for teens
It is worth saying that children under 10 years old can ride quite light and compact ATVs equipped with an electric motor. However, if the child is tall enough and has good control of the quad, such a model may simply not be suitable for him, in connection with which you can think about acquiring a more powerful vehicle. As a rule, an ATV for teenagers is equipped with an internal combustion engine. The power of such quadras can range from 150 cubic meters to 250 cubic meters.

This technique is capable of supporting a weight of 110 to 200 kg. Teenage ATVs on gasoline are also characterized by a fairly compact size. Given all this, it is worth saying that the choice of equipment for a teenager in the market is simply huge. Thus, if you want to pamper your child with a fairly serious technique, then you should have an idea about it, as well as know some rules for choosing an ATV. The first and most important rule is the safety of the child, which depends on many factors, ranging from the configuration of the ATV, and ending with its dimensions.

How to choose a ATV for a teenager
How to choose a quad bike for a teenager A quad bike for a teenager must be chosen, taking into account, first of all, the level of his physical development, the presence or absence of experience in managing a children’s quad bike, height and weight, as well as age. You should not choose a vehicle with the expectation that the child will ride it all his life, you should take the quad clearly under the parameters of your child.

This is due to the fact that if you buy a model that is too large, “outgrow”, so to speak, the teenager may encounter a lot of difficulties while managing him. Elementaryly, at the right time, he will not be able to reach out to some details, or it will be difficult for him to do this, and, therefore, it will be less comfortable to drive vehicles.

In addition, he may not be able to control a model that is too large, which is far from safe. In addition, some ATVs, especially those with an engine power of 200 to 250 cubic meters, require a driver’s license, as well as registration of the vehicle with the State Technical Supervision Authority. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove to the traffic policeman that this ATV is “children’s” and does not require a driver’s license. In this regard, a gasoline teenage ATV of high power is appropriate for a child from 16 years old. Before this age, a child with a slightly smaller engine capacity is quite suitable.

You should also pay attention to the brake system and gearbox.

According to experts, for teenagers it is better to choose an ATV equipped with a hydraulic brake system and an automatic gearbox. It is believed that it is easier to manage, and also provides better speed control.

Unlike hydraulics, cable brakes for teenagers are quite inconvenient to operate, since not everyone can squeeze them correctly. In addition, it is better if the rear disc brakes will be on the ATV.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the reinforced front pads, however, due to the fact that the principle of their operation is based on instantly clamping the front wheel of the vehicle, an inexperienced driver may roll over. If you want the braking system to be more reliable, you can add front drums to the rear discs. The absence of various locks only increase the safety of the voyages of young drivers.

It is also worth remembering about the price. Do not buy too cheap a model. As well as you should not overpay for a variety of additional devices hung on the equipment. Nothing should be superfluous. Nothing should interfere with transport management. At the same time, it is better to give preference to acquiring a quad in specialized stores, where you can see, feel, check the health of all components and assemblies, take a ride on equipment, as well as get expert advice from a specialist in the care and management of an ATV.

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