Motorcycle test drive
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Piston motorcycle
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All-Wheel Drive ATVs
Its roots go back to the second half of the twentieth century, when Honda developed a multi-wheeled cross-country motorcycle. It happened in 1970. Then the modern ATV looked like a…

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All-Wheel Drive ATVs

Its roots go back to the second half of the twentieth century, when Honda developed a multi-wheeled cross-country motorcycle. It happened in 1970. Then the modern ATV looked like a tricycle and was used exclusively for agricultural purposes. However, after ten years, the equipment acquired another, fourth wheel along with great popularity.

In Western countries, Honda’s development has become the starting point for the production of a whole family of compact motorcycle-like all-terrain vehicles – all terrain vehicles (ATV), which means all-terrain vehicles.

The ATV is highly cross-country, it is perfect for riding on rough terrain, to cope with impassability, as well as mountain and forest roads. Today it is the most popular transport, both among young people and among the older generation, because, due to its characteristics, it is suitable as a vehicle for:

agricultural work
hunting and fishing,
extreme sports
and even children’s pastime.
Types of ATVs
The main features of four-wheel ATVs are huge tires, high ground clearance, as well as high power, thanks to which the equipment acquires cross-country ability and the ability to develop significant speed, despite the lack of a smooth road under the wheels.

All ATVs are classified depending on their purpose, as well as technical specifications. As a rule, they are of two types: rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Rear wheel drive ATVs are distinguished by their cost, which is significantly lower than other models. Four-wheel drive ATVs are more expensive models. But, it is worth noting that to a large extent almost all ATVs have four-wheel drive.

They are an excellent vehicle for off-road movement for a long time. As a rule, such an ATV has four-wheel drive, a transfer case with a reduction gear. On the tourist quad you can overcome various obstacles in spite of any weather conditions. They are often distinguished by an elongated driver’s seat, which makes it possible to place cargo, for example, a backpack.

Touring ATVs

Designed for extreme sports in low traffic conditions. These models are distinguished by their very compact dimensions and extraordinary lightness, which allows you to develop a fairly high speed in a matter of seconds. Sports quadras are probably the only ones that have rear-wheel drive. Unlike all other types of all-terrain vehicles, they are capable of speeds up to 150 km / h. According to their specific purpose, they are supplemented with special safety equipment that allows the rider to avoid serious injuries, as well as to prevent serious damage to equipment.

Sports ATVs

They are the most popular species among quadras. This type is suitable for those who like to spend their holidays and weekends outdoors, hunting, fishing, as well as who have a summer cottage or a country house. Utility ATVs can easily tow equipment, remove snow, and carry out agricultural work on the site. This functionality is due to the mass, bulky dimensions, as well as the ability to hang additional equipment.

Utility ATVs

The safest type of ATV, with a maximum of closed parts and a minimum of accessories. They have a low maximum speed, as well as a small engine capacity, which ranges from 50 to 100 cubic meters. Children’s ATVs are also different, and are calculated on a certain age of the child, weight category, height, as well as knowledge and skills. An ATV for a child can be purchased starting from the age of three. Such quadras are equipped with an electronic engine, have a speed limit, as well as a parental control panel.

Children’s ATVs

By the number of places
In addition, there are single, one and a half and double ATVs. Therefore, if the plans are to move more together than one, then you should give preference to a full-fledged double transport. Despite the fact that one and a half quadra are cheaper in cost, their reliability due to an incomplete double seat is significantly affected. This is due to the fact that one and a half are single models with an elongated seat, which violates the center of gravity in the presence of two people and there is a risk of overturning the transport, and this is far from safe.

By the number of places

How to choose an all-wheel drive ATV
Naturally, when choosing an ATV, it is necessary to consider why it is necessary, where and under what conditions the transport will be operated – for fishing and traveling over rough terrain, for family vacations, or for extreme sports. Based on your goals, you should decide on a budget and go shopping for a store.

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