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What kind of oil to fill in an ATV

Proper maintenance of the equipment prevents unwanted and untimely breakdowns, thereby ensuring its proper operation. As a rule, the term “care” means not only washing the vehicle, i.e. maintaining its appearance in good condition, but also the timely replacement of all necessary parts, as well as liquids.

ATV engine oil
Particular attention should be paid to changing the ATV oil, since the elements of the motor, gearbox, and gearbox are constantly subjected to friction, and therefore, their operating temperature increases significantly, which leads to rapid wear of these elements. To increase the service life of parts and reduce the load on them, use special oil. Thus, premature failure of parts is prevented.

An oil change is recommended every 1000 km. In the event that the ATV is new, the first oil change should be made after 500 km. This gap is called break-in.

However, in addition to the fact that the oil must be filled in time, you should also know which oil to fill in the ATV. Usually, the brand of oil, which is recommended to be poured into a specific model of the ATV, is indicated in the manual for the vehicle. But, despite this, each owner can individually choose the oil for the ATV, based on its manufacturer, as well as on certain characteristics.

Types of oils
Absolutely all oils, depending on the base used during oil production, are divided into the following types:

Types of Oils Synthetic
In the preparation of this type of oil, the main material is organic matter. Synthetic oil is characterized by the fact that its molecules have the same size, so that the oil has good thermal and chemical stability. The cost of synthetic oil is significantly higher than all others. For this reason, it is used, in most cases, only in new engines.

As raw materials for mineral oil, petroleum products are used. Due to this, the price of this type of oil is relatively small. However, the performance of mineral oil is slightly lower than that of synthetic oil. At engine operation, in principle, this is not displayed in any way. Due to the fact that this type of oil wins in value, this option is most successful for pouring an ATV into the engine if there are no severe frosts in the region (maximum -150С), and the engine has a high mileage.

This type of oil in its composition has both synthetic and mineral fluids. In this regard, all the characteristics of the aforementioned oils are inherent in semi-mineral oil. Semi-mineral oil is appropriate to use in more modern engines that have a fairly high mileage.

What kind of oil to fill in an ATV
Despite the fact that everything seems to be clear, many people are wondering what is better to pour oil into the engine of the ATV – on a mineral or synthetic basis.

According to experts, synthetic oil has significant advantages over mineral oil. This is due to the fact that hydrocarbon particles have a limited, compressed shape, which is the reason for a slower bonding of atoms. As a result, oil changes its structure less when exposed to it at lower temperatures, i.e. it does not become so viscous.

Simply put, this type of oil has better lubricating properties. In addition, “synthetics” does not age so fast, unlike mineral oil, which eliminates the need to add to its composition substances that stabilize viscosity in large quantities. And this, in turn, saves the budget.

However, synthetic oils should be used with caution in engines with high mileage, due to the high content of detergent additives in the oil. Using this oil in an already worn out engine can result in the following:

heavy smoke of the motor;
loss of compression pressure;
lowering the oil level to a critical level.
The appearance of any of the above signs is the result of leaching of sediments that serve as a specific sealant of engine elements. Also, do not pour synthetic oil into a motor that previously worked on mineral oil, as deposits and resins will dissolve in the new composition, which will block the pump and channels. In this case, the vehicle cannot be operated for a long time, as this will lead to engine damage.

It is also not advisable to mix the oils, although this is permissible. This is due to the fact that the additives that are part of the oils of two different manufacturers may be incompatible. Therefore, it is better to make a complete change of ATV oil, having previously got rid of mining.

ATV Oil Specifications
Despite the basis that was used during the production of the oil, absolutely all oils have such characteristics.

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