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ATV suspension, functions and components

A vehicle suspension is a set of parts, components and assemblies that connect the vehicle body and the road surface. At present, absolutely all motor vehicles, including ATVs, are equipped with a suspension. However, this was not always the case. At a time when the automotive industry was just beginning to emerge, horse-drawn transport for a fairly long time dispensed with the suspension itself. This was due to several reasons, one of which was low speeds, when traveling on which there was no urgent need for a suspension.

The development of modern pendants
The development of modern suspensions However, over time, the road network developed, as a result of which speeds grew. This, in turn, increased the requirement for comfort during movement. The very first suspension of the carriage’s interior was invented on long chains and leather belts, which was able to adequately absorb shock and vibrations that occur on uneven sections of the road.

The first modern suspension, on longitudinal springs, consisting of guides and elastic elements, appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. It was patented in 1804 by the Englishman Obadiy Eliott. From this moment, very little time passed, as the invention became very popular throughout Western Europe.

The main material for the manufacture of springs in those days was steel, as well as wood. Wooden springs made in the manner of bows were used for lighter carriages.

Around the same time, there was also a suspension with a single transverse spring, which was installed on light two-wheeled crews. But such pendants were more popular in more developed countries, while in the territory of other countries for a long time pendants on leather belts remained popular.

This was due to the poor quality of roads, during the passage on which the frequency of breakdowns of spring suspensions was quite high due to the imperfection of the former metallurgical industry. In addition, she could not provide the necessary comfort due to the shocks transmitted to her.

The first mechanical vehicles completely inherited the suspension in that form. It is worth noting that in freight transport, this suspension has not changed at all until today.

Functions and components of ATV suspension
Thus, the suspension is one of the most important structural elements of vehicles. It is entrusted with such functions as:

the physical connection of the wheels to the body or frame of the vehicle;
transmission of forces and moments that arise during the contact of the wheels with the road surface to the carrier system;
ensuring the required nature of the movement of the wheels relative to the position of the body or frame;
smoothness of the vehicle.
The suspension consists of the following structural elements:

elastic elements, perceiving upon themselves the reaction forces of the road, which arise during movement along its uneven part;
guide elements that specify the nature of the movement of the wheels and their relationship between themselves and with the supporting system. In addition, the transmitting elements also transmit longitudinal and lateral forces and their moments;
shock absorbers that dampen vibrations of the carrier system that occur during road traffic.
Types of ATV suspension
Thus, we can safely say that the comfort of a trip on any vehicle, including an ATV, directly depends on the type of suspension. ATV suspension is divided into dependent and independent.

The second type of suspension is the most popular among modern models of ATVs. This is due to the fact that it provides greater cross-country ability and ride comfort. And, as you know, these two parameters are almost key when choosing an ATV. Therefore, each manufacturer tries to make his vehicle as comfortable as possible.

Types of ATV suspension

Independent ATV suspension
Independent suspension is the absence of a rigid connection between the wheels of one axle. This means that each wheel is attached to the quad frame separately by means of two special y-shaped levers. These levers have ball bearings. The shock absorber in the independent suspension is assigned the role of an elastic element.

On the one hand, the independent suspension of the ATV has a fairly simple design, on the other hand, it makes the vehicle ride very comfortable due to the fact that when driving on uneven road sections it forms an excellent contact patch with the road surface.

The advantages of this type of suspension also include the possibility of its thorough adjustment, based on the conditions of the route and the wishes of the driver. Thanks to its design, the suspension compensates for the roll during cornering, and also supports the specified camber.

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