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Scooter carb adjustment

Timely and proper maintenance of the vehicle is the key not only to its long life, but also to its proper operation and safety. In addition to the fact that there are certain conditions under which the vehicle should be serviced, regardless of the presence of specific malfunctions (for example, a long idle time, cold season, mileage, and much more), there are also certain “symptoms” that indicate urgent the need for maintenance. This rule applies to absolutely all motor vehicles, including scooters.

It is worth saying that the key to the correct operation of all mechanisms of the scooter is the proper functioning of the carburetor.

Absolutely every scooter owner should have an idea of ​​how to adjust it. If the newcomer has never had the opportunity to adjust the scooter, then for help you can turn to experienced mechanics, relevant literature and tips on the Internet.

First of all, you need to know what exactly is a carburetor and what is it for. First of all, it is the place where the fuel mixture is prepared by mixing gasoline and air. It is such a fuel mixture that is subsequently fed into the engine cylinder. If the carburetor is configured correctly, the scooter will have the appropriate speed and power, as well as the correct and economical fuel consumption. All this, in turn, ensures a safe pilot ride.

Carburetor structure
It is worth noting that the location of the carburetor in different models of scooters is also different. Therefore, before proceeding with its adjustment, it is necessary to properly study all the components and assemblies of your vehicle, their characteristics and location. The structure, in contrast to the location, of the carburetor is approximately the same.

The carburetor includes the following components:

shutter with a needle;
float chamber;
idle system;
start-up concentrator;
accelerator pump.
Carburetor structure

Venturi tube
So, the first element of the carburetor called a venturi is playing the most important role in its work. This part is characterized by a diameter that is different throughout the length of the tube. This is due to the fact that it narrows to the center, after which expansion again follows. It is the narrowest point of the tube that is designed to allow air to flow through it.

The characteristic narrowing of the tube contributes to the formation of low air pressure, which is aligned to the place of expansion of the tube. If you place another smaller pipe with gasoline inside this tube, then, on the way to the reduced pressure zone, gasoline will leave the small tube, while spraying and escaping, interacting with the air flow inside the large tube.

Butterfly valve
A damper with a needle is installed right in the center of the venturi described above. It is necessary in order to regulate the amount of mixture that enters the combustion chamber. This adjustment is carried out by pressing the gas. However, shutter operation is not possible without a needle. It determines the amount of fuel received in the engine. So, when the pilot presses on the gas, the flap begins to move, thereby raising the needle, due to which the right amount of gasoline arrives. In a word, the harder it is pressed on the accelerator pedal, the more the damper opens, and accordingly, the more fuel enters the combustion chamber.

Float chamber
In order for the engine not to stall, it is necessary to constantly supply fuel to it, a certain amount of which must be in the tube. For this, a float chamber was invented, the operation of which is carried out according to the principle of a toilet bowl. Those. inside the chamber there is a float that moves to its lower part immediately after the level of gasoline in the tube drops. Thus, the displacement of the float provides the opening of a special valve through which fuel enters. After filling, the float rises, thereby closing the valve. This ensures continuous and correct fuel supply.

Idle system
The idle system in the carburetor is responsible for idling. However, her work is carried out not only at idle, but also at low speeds. In the case of idle, fuel is supplied through another carburetor channel, which is located behind the limiter. The idle system consists of:

System screw
It is responsible for the volume of air that passes through the entire system, thereby regulating the quality of the mixture entering the combustion chamber. By turning and unscrewing this screw, the pilot can adjust the amount of air. Accordingly, the smaller the volume of air that enters the system, the stronger the screw is tightened, and vice versa. It turns out when there is a lot of air, then the fuel is poorer, when it is not enough – it is richer.

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