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Motorcycle shock absorbers

While driving on any surface, any vehicle, including a motorcycle, takes a variety of loads. Particularly unpleasant are the loads that are transmitted from the road through the wheels. In order to reduce such loads and ensure a smoother ride, a special mechanism was invented – suspension. It dampens any vibrations, and the motorcycle, in addition, also gives stability.

Among other similar elastic elements it is worth noting spiral springs, springs, as well as torsion shafts. However, all this is not able to adequately dampen the created vibrations as a result of the vehicle getting into any unevenness or obstacle. In this regard, special elements were invented that are able to absorb such fluctuations – shock absorbers.

The difference between motorcycle shock absorbers and automobile
Yamaha shock absorbers Motorcycle shock absorbers are significantly different from automobile shock absorbers. This is due to the fact that automobile shock absorbers and elastic elements are independent structural units, and on motorcycles these elements are combined into one unit. In the case of motorcycles, it is this unit that is generically called a shock absorber.

The design of the shock absorber of a motorcycle includes:

separating piston;
rod with piston and its guide;
slave cylinder with bottom eye and welded bottom.
The cushioning liquid is located in the working cavity, the other cavity under very high pressure is filled with technical nitrogen. Shock absorbers on motorcycles work according to the following principle: suspension compression allows the piston to move downward, after which part of the liquid or gas flows under the piston from the cavity through the valve into the cavity above the piston. The valve is a throttle channel, which is closed by a spring-loaded plate.

It is worth noting that at the very beginning of the history of motorcycles, there were no such structures and friction discs that tightly pressed against each other acted as vibration dampers. In modern motorcycles, this principle has remained to live only in steering dampers and not every motorcycle.

Friction devices have been replaced by hydraulic gas or gas-hydraulic modern devices, which are much better. Absolutely all modern devices work, as mentioned above, on the principle of passing liquid or gas through openings and gaps of extremely small sizes. In this case, the smaller the holes or gaps, the greater the resistance of the gas or liquid.

In addition, the suspension of the motorcycle also consists of a guide device, which provides the movement of the wheel in a strictly defined plane. Such devices operate using telescopic pipes and levers of the front forks, pendulums, as well as levers of the rear suspensions.

Thus, all of the above structural elements, including shock absorbers, relate to the suspension, which ensures the correct and smooth movement of the motorcycle, and is also divided into rear and front.

From all that has been said, it is worth paying attention to the fact that, since shock absorbers are precisely those nodes that provide damping of various vibrations, they are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. Thus, their correct and proper operation ensures a safe ride on a motorcycle.

However, unfortunately, shock absorbers on a motorcycle after several thousand mileage, or due to some adverse circumstances, can also fail and require immediate intervention. After all, the problem is that with faulty shock absorbers allow the vehicle to move, but this is far from safe. If there are any problems with the shock absorbers of the motorcycle, it is necessary to repair the motorcycle shock absorbers.

Symptoms of breakdowns and malfunctions of motorcycle shock absorbers
Symptoms of a motorcycle shock absorber malfunction can be identified in the following list:

the motorcycle has lost stability on absolutely flat sections of the road;
shock absorbers began to knock or make any other extraneous sounds, which should not be;
fluid began to flow out of the shock absorbers;
the plug has become softer;
while driving on uneven sections of roads, it is felt, as it were, breaking through the plug.
If any of the above symptoms has been noticed, then this is a clear signal for immediate action aimed at troubleshooting. It is also worth noting that there can be several reasons for the failure of shock absorbers, ranging from a large mileage of a motorcycle, and ending with untimely and poor-quality maintenance.

Motorcycle shock absorber repair
Repair of shock absorbers of a motorcycle In order to properly repair a shock absorber, you should carefully follow a few points given in the article below.

In order to start the repair of malfunctions, the motorcycle should be installed so that the front wheel is suspended. To do this, you can use the footboard or any other elevation.

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