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Maximum moped speed

Currently, the car market is simply crowded with various equipment. In this regard, you can buy almost any type of transport, for every taste and with almost any technical characteristics. Along with popular scooters, which are very convenient vehicles, and also have an adequate combination of price and quality, mopeds are no less popular.

History of mopeds
The word “moped” is derived from the two words “motor” and “pedal”. A moped is a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, the maximum volume of which is 50 cm3, or an electric motor having a power of 250 W to 4 kW. Mopeds are both two-wheeled and three-wheeled. It is worth noting that this transport is quite unique, since its predecessor, like more serious motorcycles, is the same bike.

The history of the moped begins simultaneously with the history of the motorcycle, namely in the second half of the 19th century, when in 1885 for the first time a vertical gasoline engine was installed on a wooden motorcycle.

The history of mopeds This was done by G. Daimler. However, the first attempt to construct a “self-propelled bicycle” was unsuccessful due to the fact that the engine mounted on the bicycle made the vehicle heavier, making it very uncomfortable and cumbersome. But this did not end the attempt to turn the bike into a power-driven vehicle. Eight years later, in 1893, the German inventors Hildebrandt and Wolfmüller dealt with this issue.

It was they who began in Munich the production of motorcycles that were equipped with two-cylinder horizontal engines, the connecting rod of which worked like a steam locomotive – on the drive wheel. However, this led to the fact that the movement of the vehicle was not smooth, but jerky.

In the event of a tire rupture, the engine had to be adjusted again. Therefore, this design also did not leave a significant mark in the history of motorcycles and mopeds. According to scientists, the real practical ancestor of modern mechanical two-wheeled vehicles is a motorcycle invented by the Russians Eugene and Mikhail Werner.

This happened in Paris in 1896, when one of the brothers came up with the idea of ​​equipping a bicycle with a small gasoline engine. Thus, a horizontal four-stroke motor was placed above the rear wheel. Transfer to it was carried out by means of a roller chain and friction disks. However, after conducting the necessary tests, it was decided to change the location of the motor (already vertical) and transfer it to the front fork.

The beginning of mass production
After such seemingly minor changes, the result surpassed itself. A year later, 12 pieces of motorized bicycles were produced, and a year later, in 1898, the Werner & Co. Brothers company was organized for the mass production of such bicycles. The first name, which got bicycles with a motor, sounded – “motorcycle”, and a little later it was reduced to “motorcycle”. Perhaps in those days it really was a motorcycle, however, in fact, the brothers invented the real moped, which is so popular today.

The moped owes this popularity mainly to the fact that there is no need to register with state authorities, and there is no need to undergo mandatory inspection and insurance of this vehicle. In addition to all this, a moped is a very economical vehicle, starting with the fact that it consumes a very small amount of fuel. As for the prices for mopeds, they are much cheaper than the same scooters and, especially, motorcycles.

Rights for a moped
Rights for a moped However, mopeds are bought purely as a means of transportation, and not to enjoy driving it, as it will not be possible to mop up a moped. And this is the fault of the speed of the moped. As already mentioned above, a moped has a very small maximum allowable engine capacity, in this regard, there is even a distinction between motorcycles and mopeds in traffic rules.

This distinction lies in the fact that a moped, unlike motorcycles, cannot move in the general flow of cars, and mopeds on motorways are also prohibited. Therefore, when buying this vehicle, a person must know what speed the moped has to avoid future ridiculous situations. So, the maximum speed of the moped is 50 km / h.

Since the driver of the moped is also a participant in traffic, this suggests that he must have knowledge of the rules of the road. In this regard, the rights of category “M” were introduced in Russia. However, this category should not be specifically disclosed to those people who already have a driver’s license with any other category open.

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