Piston motorcycle
An engine piston is a cylindrical part that reciprocates inside a cylinder. This part is an integral part of the engine of any motor vehicle. It is designed to convert…

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Vintage motorcycles, the history of their development
In the modern world, a motorcycle is a very popular and most optimal means of transportation. Today, there are many varieties of motorcycles designed for specific purposes. From all this…

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Winter ATV
ATVs today are a very fashionable, versatile, as well as functional mode of transport. Despite the fact that the ATV is originally considered to be male transport, it is quite…

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optimal means

Best japanese motorcycles

Have you ever wondered why motorcycles from Japan are the most popular in the world? The bike catalog is huge, it makes it possible to choose a Japanese motorcycle to your liking, pick up the necessary characteristics, components.

Four major motorcycle companies have become widely known not only in the country of high technology, but in the world: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki.

This oldest concern is No. 1 in the global motor market. There are special racing models for professionals, elegant enduro for travelers, choppers … The variety of models does not prevent the company from Continue reading

The best choice of tires

Most specialized sites talk about how to choose tuning accessories, shock absorbers, brakes and motorcycle oils, but relatively little attention is paid to tires. This approach is very unfair – after all, motor tires need to be selected much more carefully than automobile ones. This is due to the fact that the motorcycle usually moves at a higher speed, and is not so stable on its two wheels. Therefore, not only the comfort and handling of two-wheeled vehicles, but also the safety of people depends on the proper selection of tires for the new motorcycle season. Consider which models are better to give preference.

The choice of tires will depend on many factors.

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On domestic motorcycles, a problem often arises related to the appearance of loud noises in the muffler. Even drivers of foreign vehicles often suffer from “machine gun bursts” that accompany a sharp increase or decrease in speed. Getting rid of this trouble can be quite difficult. However, if you understand why the motorcycle shoots at the muffler, you can eliminate loud noises that disturb public peace.

Motorcycle muffler

Nature of the problem
Most often, loud pops in the muffler of two-wheeled vehicles are heard when a lean mixture is fed into the motor. The reason for its formation may be the use of low-quality gasoline, saturated with water and Continue reading

6 good reasons to buy an enduro
Pits, bumps, removed asphalt, sand or gravel on our roads are commonplace, which terrifies owners of choppers or sportbikes. And the endurist after the first 1000 kilometers begins to rejoice…


Children's motorcycles are reliable and safe, gasoline for motocross equipment
Modern children's motorcycles are not just a fun toy. Many of them are full-fledged bikes. Their size and high enough power will allow the child to learn how to drive…


How the owner’s passion for motorcycle racing brought the film company to a new level
Buying my first sports bike some five years ago, I could not imagine that I would play in the World Superbike World Championships. Moreover, I will become a pilot of…


Which pit bike is better to buy
Pit bike (Pit-bike) - a small motorcycle with a 4-stroke horizontal engine. Due to the confusing classification of motorcycles, the low popularity of brands, in particular, in the Russian market,…