Films about motorcycles and bikers
Hundreds of films have been made about bikers and their favorite iron friends. Even the Soviet film about Electronics, beloved by many, was not without an episode where a bad…

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đăng ký iq option
Motorcycle shock absorbers
While driving on any surface, any vehicle, including a motorcycle, takes a variety of loads. Particularly unpleasant are the loads that are transmitted from the road through the wheels. In…

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Scooter carb adjustment
Timely and proper maintenance of the vehicle is the key not only to its long life, but also to its proper operation and safety. In addition to the fact that…

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proper maintenance

The best choice of tires

Most specialized sites talk about how to choose tuning accessories, shock absorbers, brakes and motorcycle oils, but relatively little attention is paid to tires. This approach is very unfair – after all, motor tires need to be selected much more carefully than automobile ones. This is due to the fact that the motorcycle usually moves at a higher speed, and is not so stable on its two wheels. Therefore, not only the comfort and handling of two-wheeled vehicles, but also the safety of people depends on the proper selection of tires for the new motorcycle season. Consider which models are better to give preference.

The choice of tires will depend on many factors.

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On domestic motorcycles, a problem often arises related to the appearance of loud noises in the muffler. Even drivers of foreign vehicles often suffer from “machine gun bursts” that accompany a sharp increase or decrease in speed. Getting rid of this trouble can be quite difficult. However, if you understand why the motorcycle shoots at the muffler, you can eliminate loud noises that disturb public peace.

Motorcycle muffler

Nature of the problem
Most often, loud pops in the muffler of two-wheeled vehicles are heard when a lean mixture is fed into the motor. The reason for its formation may be the use of low-quality gasoline, saturated with water and Continue reading

Scooter wheels

When moving on a vehicle, special attention is paid to the safety of absolutely all road users. It is possible to achieve maximum safety during time only with an integrated approach, which includes knowledge and observance of traffic rules, as well as complete serviceability of absolutely all components and mechanisms of the vehicle.

Wheel Functions
The wheels of a vehicle play a very important role in safe driving, especially when it comes to any two-wheeled mechanical vehicles, in particular scooters. After all, an erased tire tread, a deviation of tire pressure indicators from the norm, as well as any other more serious malfunctions, can lead to serious Continue reading

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