The stunt on a motorcycle. Stunt riding cool motorcycle stunts
Stunt riding It always seemed to us that we all knew about motorcycles. These are very beautiful and cool devices that provide their owner with a unique sense of freedom.…

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What kind of oil to fill in an ATV
Proper maintenance of the equipment prevents unwanted and untimely breakdowns, thereby ensuring its proper operation. As a rule, the term “care” means not only washing the vehicle, i.e. maintaining its…

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How the owner’s passion for motorcycle racing brought the film company to a new level
Buying my first sports bike some five years ago, I could not imagine that I would play in the World Superbike World Championships. Moreover, I will become a pilot of…

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the enduro

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Motorcycles 125 cubic meters

On the motorcycle market today, there is simply a huge number of various bikes, ranging from children’s to racing motorcycles. Each model is distinguished by its design, as well as its purpose. However, 125 cubes motorcycles are in greatest demand among young people. It is worth saying that the owners of the bike of 125 cubes are often affectionately called the “octopus”. This name comes from the engine capacity of this motorcycle, which is 1/8 liter.

The high popularity of this particular motorcycle is due to its advantages, among which are the following:

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Types of rolling for a motorcycle

A tackle is a type of motor hoist that does not have a table. A trolley for motorcycles is equipped with wheels, so the device easily rolls up to a serviced motorcycle. And after that one of the bike parts rises – either the front wheel or the rear.

A front or rear tackle for a motorcycle is an integral part, and therefore you need to be very responsible in choosing it. Rolling is performed in two versions. There is a tackle under the front wheel or under the rear.

A tackle under the front wheel of a motorcycle is most often sold in the kit, which includes a universal stand and adapter. With the help of an adapter, it is possible to hang a wheel without an assistant in order to repair, replace or service the front wheel. Continue reading

Wardrobe trunks for motorcycles, mounts, side and rear

More and more people today choose to ride a motorcycle. On this type of transport you can drive on any road, go round any traffic jams. But there is a very significant problem. The motorcycle is not designed to carry luggage. And when planning a long trip on a motorcycle, you have to take with you the necessary things that need to be put somewhere.

Riding around the city, and, especially, outside it, should be convenient and comfortable. To do this, just having a bike is not enough. It will become full-fledged if it is universal. And for this, many of the motorcyclists install such an additional accessory as motorcycle wardrobe trunks on a motorcycle.

Wardrobe trunks and bags for motorcycles are not a tribute to fashion, it is a necessity. Continue reading

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